2018 Board Meeting

August 27-29, 2018

Jeff & Pam's Retreat / Roberts, MT

You can plan on arriving on Sunday, 8/25 if this gives you better airfare options. If you need/want to stay an extra day, you can plan on departing on Friday, 8/31. You can fly into Billings Logan International Airport or into Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.

Once you have finalized your travel plans, please use the form below to help us coordinate arrival/departure times. Let us know if you will need someone to pick you up from the airports.

  • Sunday, 8/26 – optional arrival time if this gives you better airfare
  • Monday, 8/27 – arrive at Jeff’s. Dinner and prayer in evening.
  • Tuesday, 8/28 – BOD Meeting (all day)
  • Wednesday, 8/29 – BOD Meeting in morning (wrap up around noon) – departure time for non-golfers
  • Thursday, 8/30 – departures or stay an extra day for visits, hiking, biking, napping, reading, fishing, etc.
  • Friday, 8/31 – departure times if some have stayed for Thursday night

Please use the form below and help us keep things organized. Thank you!


BOD 2018 Travel Plans & Info Form

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Home Address for Board Correspondence
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