Steps In the Global Action Journey, Part 1


It was two years ago that my wife, Shary, and I accepted Lars Dunberg and the board of Global Action's invitation to become the next president of the ministry. Some have asked about the details of that decision and the transition process that ensued. Here is a little insight into those details two years ago.

Feeling a change coming during the previous January during an extended time of prayer and fasting, I waited on God to begin opening doors. Honestly, I had no idea what that would look like... There were more questions than clear direction. Would I stay at my current church and change gears within the ministry? Would I go back into a "tent-making" position in the corporate world? Would God open doors to a new ministry opportunity? Those were some of the questions going through my mind.

In March of 2011, I had an interesting meeting with a missions ministry couple from Colorado Springs and thoroughly enjoyed our meeting. Lars and Doreen Dunberg were a very charming and gracious couple and had dedicated their lives to serving the Lord. We spent about two hours talking about their ministry and our life journeys. We parted that day not knowing that our futures would become intertwined more than we had dreamed of at the start of that day. I remember that day well as it was the home going of my father-in-law, Billy Hornsby.

As several months went by, I was surprised to receive an email from Lars with the memo subject "Out of the Blue Question." In that email, he asked me if he could submit my name to his board as a candidate for his successor as within the year, he would step down and release the ministry into new leadership. There were 7 other candidates in the "hat" and being an "outsider," I didn't really know what the chances would be of being chosen. Through a series of events and meetings with some of the board and staff over the following several months, I was asked to join Lars and the Board of Global Action at their September 2011 Board meeting.

During those in between months, I began to get several interesting offers to join other ministries as well as offers from my prior "corporate" world. It was all very confusing. I had not put out any "feelers" of any sort nor had I mentioned any of the other offers to any of the other parties. All I knew was that God was up to something and it was clear that certain change was coming.

At that September Board meeting, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful group of people and making some new friends. After that meeting, they offered me the position of the new presidency. Shary and I both set time aside to begin to pray about this and the rest of the opportunities before us.

I still remember the night Shary and I set aside time to have dinner and talk about God's leading in each situation. It became clear to both of us over the weeks following that important meeting in Colorado that God was prompting us to accept Global Action's offer to join the team regardless of the challenges we would certainly face.

It has been challenging, with both foreseen and unforeseen issues, but this has been a most blessed time in our lives. One of the lessons God taught us through all of this was that He is always in control and if we allow Him, even under uncertainty, He will guide our steps and make the way clear.

Stay tuned for more steps in our Global Action journey!