The last few months, I've been taking our staff through a book, "They Found The Secret", which shares 20 different Christian's lives spanning hundreds of years and from many different walks of life and backgrounds.  It has impacted my life far greater than I imagined.

I found Christ at a young age and despite a few teenage ups and downs, I have served God wholeheartedly for most of my life.  I have dedicated my life to God's service from a young age and although have had questions along the way, like most of us, have lived a life sold out to God.  I've spent a good portion of my life as a missionary to many parts of the world and seen incredible grace to live and work among people of many cultures and religious backgrounds.  I've had the privilege to see God do many incredible things.

All that to say that I have so much to learn and experience yet.  As I study the lives of these wonderful Christ-followers, it challenges me to always strive to go deeper in my personal relationship with our Heavenly Father.  If you've spent anytime around me, you know that one of my life and ministry principles is that "God is so much more interested in what we become to Him than what we do for Him".  It helps keep life in perspective for me.

As I read about these Saints of God, I see a distinct pattern in their lives.  First, each had an overwhelming desire to truly know God and to possess all that He has for them in both their earthly and spiritual lives.  Second, they experienced an intimate experience with the Holy Spirit and received the support and power that Jesus promised his disciples, which does not exclude us today.  Last, they learned how to "abide" in His presence and in this "abiding" lifestyle, learned the secret of having a peace that is unexplainable. 

Over the past few months, I realized that "abiding" is not one of my strongest traits.  I am a doer.  I find satisfaction in accomplishing tasks of any kind.  It's hard for me to slow down and be still long enough to abide. Anybody with me?  It's made me question how well I've done in practicing my life principle of knowing that God's strongest desire is that I become to Him what He wants me to be.  In my drive lately to abide in Him, He has helped me by putting me in the position to be still long enough to concentrate on Him.  I guess I asked for it!

I believe that we were created to walk with God, not only as Lord but as Father and Friend. So, my challenge to each of us who desire all God has for us is to learn how to take time out of our much too busy lives and learn how to "abide" in Him and truly know him as Father and Friend.  I'm still learning. Join me!