God Has Great Plans for Us


This week as I was reading the story of Joseph, it reminded me once again that God sees our value and our potential. We may not always understand all that we go through at the present time, but God is in control of every moment in our lives and He does have a great plan and purpose for our lives. Many times, my “dreams” have rarely turned out exactly as I’d hoped but I have learned that His thoughts and ways are much higher than mine. No matter what we go through or how many disappointments we suffer, God knows where we are and has our best and His best interests for us in mind.

Think for a minute about Joseph… He was loved and favored by his father. He had a dream that one day he would be great, the point that his brothers and parents would one day “bow” before him. It all seemed presumptuous, and naively (and maybe, proudly), he shared this with them. It produced a jealousy that led to his being sold into slavery. However, we must admire his perseverance. Regardless of his situation, he did not abandon his journey in God.

During his time with his new slave owner, Potiphar, he was successful and those around him recognized God’s hand on his life and that his success was because God was with him. After being falsely accused, he found himself in prison and I’m sure he was confused and disappointed, once again, in the situation he found himself. But again, he persevered and was successful in his circumstances. A midst a challenging season, God still showed His favor toward Joseph.

Ultimately, after a third “abandoning” from man, God placed Joseph before the king and was given great authority in the kingdom as second-in-command. With wisdom and humility gained through tough times, he became God’s instrument to save his family and most of the entire known world from starvation. Everything turned out just as God intended!

God has a purpose for each of us and sees us for the potential we possess even when we don’t see it in ourselves. Like Joseph, we must persevere and remember that God is for us and favors us as we strive to follow Him in whatever situation we find ourselves… no matter how disappointed or discouraged we become. If we remain faithful, everything will turn out… just as God intended!

Photo Credit: Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.