The other day I talked to the manager at my health club.  He confirmed that January is the busiest month, by far during the year.  Like clockwork, people sign up because they want to start off the new year developing good habits.  Invariably, we all do this and invariably, we usually fall short after a few weeks or if we're better than average, after a few months.

This is a topic we're all hit with at church, at work, in our personal lives, and within the family.  Here's a suggestion:

First, reflect on the past year.  What do you feel you were most successful at in 2013?  It's important to reflect on the positive.  If you stop and think about it, I would be willing to bet that you've accomplished more more than you think.

Second, think about one thing in each of the following that you want to accomplish in 2014... spiritual, family, physical well being, career, and generosity of self and what you've been given.  Instead of a laundry list of resolutions, keep it simple and focused.

I pray that 2014 is the best year of your life. You can do it!

Many Blessings!

- Phil Long -