Merry Christmas

The major part of consistently writing a blog over a long time is thinking of what to write. You’d think that this week of all weeks would be a no-brainer… it’s Christmas.  But the difficulty is what do you write about Christmas without writing about the same thing that’s always been written… the true meaning of Christmas, peace and joy, gift giving, traditions, and on and on.

So... I could write about why Christmas carolinis so awkward or what are some of the theories on origins of Christmas or why do we have Christmas trees or how Christmas has become so commercialized... but I really don’t want to start any debates.

really like the Christmas holidays. I like it for the time off. I like it because we can focus on our families a little bit more than normal. I still like to get presents and to give presents. I like snowmobiling in the mountains. I like football. There are a lot of reasons why I like this season.

But for Christians, the reason we celebrate Christmas is because we use this time of year to recognize and reflect on the greatest birth of all time – the birth of Jesus. And whether Jesus was actually born on Dec. 25th doesn't really matter.

This Christmas I've decided to enjoy the season for what it is. I have several friends who are facing life ending illnesses. I think about them and this very well could be their last “Christmas”. I just received a call that one of our long time ministry partners went to heaven a few hours ago. Last week, my parents were in a near fatal accident. It makes me stop and think that we are not promised another day on earth. I want to enjoy life… period… and to think more often that God has given me life abundantly and be more grateful that Jesus was born and died for me so that I can enjoy my life more abundantly. 

My hope for each of you is that you have a wonderful Christmas season.  Enjoy it regardless of what situation you may find yourself.

Have a Merry Christmas!