Steps In the Global Action Journey, Part 2

Well into my 3rd year at Global Action, I’ve been privileged to develop key relationships with all those who play a vital role in our ministry. There are 4 major groups of “stakeholders” within our organization: our international board, our staff, our financial and prayer partners, and those we minister to in the field. Although these groups invariably overlap, I want to take the next few weeks to highlight each of these groups and share how vitally important they are to me personally and for the ministry.

From middle front counterclockwise: Phil Long, Scott Dickson, Bob Smith, Barry Fluth, Jeff Ellis, Rick Thompson, Ted Long.

From middle front counterclockwise: Phil Long, Scott Dickson, Bob Smith, Barry Fluth, Jeff Ellis, Rick Thompson, Ted Long.

First, let’s look at our international board. I've heard horror stories of boards but fortunately, I've experienced quite to opposite with the Global Action board. Even during my first interactions with the board during the “search” process, I knew that I could work with these people. Every one of them is godly, wise, and 100% supportive of what we do. I couldn't ask for a more supportive group of people to me personally and to the vision that God has given us.

Currently, we have 8 people from many different backgrounds. Each brings their own rich experience in ministry, business, and education. We have pastors, businessmen, a medical doctor, and even a lawyer! With this diverse experience, it helps us look at everything from a broad perspective when we are making decisions. This has been a challenging few years and we have had to make some incredibly difficult decisions about the present and future. You can be confident that much thought and prayer has gone into every decision we've made. I thank God that I have not had to walk this path alone!

For me personally, I feel like I have a new group of life-long friends. I have spent time in most of their homes getting to know them and their hearts and passion. When I am on the road travelling in their areas, I feel like I am at home. I could talk about each individual person and the support and words of wisdom they have given me. I know every one of them is a phone call or email away regardless of where in the world they are.

I encourage you to visit our “board” section of the Global Action website and learn about each of them, where they come from, and their passion to serve the Lord. Pray for them and their families as they continue to serve us faithfully.

In my next blog, I will talk about our wonderful staff, both past and present, and how important they are to the existence of our ministry.

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Photo courtesy by Irena E. Lazarova