Steps In the Global Action Journey, Part 4

Obviously, nonprofits and businesses are different in governance. For-profit businesses are owned by its shareholders. Although there are no financial shareholders with nonprofits, the organization is “owned” by those who believe in its mission and give financially towards it. As we saw in part 2, the board governs the organization and makes sure that it operates under the guise of the original purpose. In part 3, the staff that works under the executive director, who is hired by the board, is responsible to daily carry out the mission within the boundaries set forth by the board. The real stakeholders, who include both of the entities above, are the financial supporters of the organization.

Although there is no official stakeholder voting, they vote with their money, their time, and their prayers. Without this group of people, there is no organization.

We have been blessed through the years with a great group of people that have been generous with their resources and have helped accomplish incredible things through GA. I have had the opportunity to speak with or visit many of these wonderful people from all walks of life. I wish that I had time to highlight them all!

Since 2012, I have traveled all around the US, meeting with as many as possible and with those who would make time to see me. It hasn’t been an easy task, especially considering that I had no real formal introduction to many of these financial partners but it has been enjoyable.  One of my favorite parts of being with Global Action has been to hear about the lives of the people who belong to the ministry and see all the different paths they have taken to get where they are. I have met “farm flippers” in Iowa, storage facility owners in Texas, innovative thinkers in Florida, church planters all over the US, doctors, lawyers, school teachers, accountants, and the list goes on and on. There are Global Action partners from every background imaginable! I look forward to meeting the ones I haven’t met yet. I appreciate each Global Action partner so much and realize how much they mean to the future of this ministry.

During the transition of leadership over the last 2 ½ years, I have fielded many questions about the past and present vision of Global Action.  Those who understand the vision have wholeheartedly been supportive but there have also been those who have decided to go in different directions. Although we have had to be flexible concerning all the projects we have been involved in, Global Action remains committed to fill gaps in the body of Christ and challenge the church to be “risk-takers” for God and focus on what we do best. The single biggest impact we have made on the church through the years has been that of filling the huge gap of leadership training that we provide through our Biblical Foundation Studies (GLOMOS).

If any of you reading this blog post ever have any questions or comments, all you have to do is contact me and I am always willing to take time to talk and visit you as possible. I thank God to have joined the many Global Action partners in the quest to help fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. Together, we can do this!