Steps In the Global Action Journey, Part 5

God is doing truly amazing things throughout the world. More than ever, I am convinced that what we are doing is the key to strengthening and empowering the church around the world. Every one of the players I featured in the stakeholders of GA are irreplaceable and this last group is the people that we minister to in the field. We send a monthly email every month to highlight some of these dedicated servants of God. We have equipped thousands of leaders over the last 15 years through our Foundational Biblical Studies, Forty Under Forty Conferences, youth conferences, and women’s conferences, just to name a few of the tools we've used.

Some work and live under incredibly challenging circumstances. We've had wars, religious persecution, and “normal” life situations that would seem unbearable to most of us. Pastor Virendra Singh is an example of one those. Both Pastor Virendra and his wife, Bhavna, are graduates of our Global Module Studies through which we have trained over 6,000 leaders in the past 12 year.

In September of 2007, a group of Hindu radicals, angry because of the move of God in their area, surrounded his hut in Barauli, near Lucknow in North India. He had faithfully held services every Sunday preaching to a small group of Christians that had recently come to know Christ. The group then beat him and burned his hut to the ground. They threatened the lives of this couple and warned them that if they continued to preach Jesus in that area, they would not be so “lucky” the next time.

To put this into context, in the state of Utter Pradesh, there is a population of over 200 million people, more than Russia and the United Kingdom combined.  Outside of the major cities, Christians are outnumbered 10,000 to 1! There are no reinforcements nearby to stand with you!

Soon after Pastor Virendra’s house was burned to the ground and his life and family were threatened, he fearlessly remained in the village. He rebuilt his home on the same spot and continued to preach the Gospel. Today, he pastors a church of over 1,500 members. Many of those in his congregation and several of his leaders were the ones who burned his house down in 2007. What an example of God’s grace and mercy. Thank God for his wonderful, dedicated people like this couple!

If you are not getting the monthly field updates and would like to, send Nasko Lazarov a note to receive these reports. Please continue to pray for the body of Christ all over the world. They rely on the prayers of the Saints, some for their very lives!