Dealing With Distractions

“No matter what distractions surround you, always remember who you are and stay on YOUR path… that’s where your blessings are.”

Distractions are everywhere. There are even seemingly harmless distractions that keep us from our best. Recently, I’ve been reminded that, especially in times when things are going well, distractions in many forms will come at me. I recently came across this anonymous quote above and thought of Nehemiah as he was building the wall in Jerusalem. He had a multiple of distractions to deter him from his mission in life. Some of these came externally but they also came from his “allies” as well. But his greatest characteristic was perseverance and his ability to stay focused on keeping the “main thing” the “main thing.”

Remember who you are and whose you are. You are called by God and have a purpose. God placed us here on earth to bless others.

Stay on YOUR path. I’ve been reading in the book of Romans lately and found myself in chapter 12. We are to be a living sacrifice unto God. Paul encourages us not to be distracted or conform to the world but to stay focused. In doing that, we absolutely know the will of God and will see the best opportunities He has put in front of us. God has given each of us one or more gifts or specialties in which we bless others. If it’s service, serve. If it’s leadership, lead responsibly. If it’s kindness, be extra kind. Know your gifts and concentrate on using those gifts, not someone else’s.

That’s where your blessings will be. When you focus on using your gifts to bless those around you, you are ultimately most blessed.

Distractions will surround you but don’t be distracted. Develop tough skin but keep a soft heart.  Stay focused and in that, be assured that you will know the will of God and see the best opportunities He is placing before you.

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