Responding to the Atrocities Around the World

Daily, we see, hear, and read about the atrocities, especially against Christians, that are happening around the world. As an American, living in what we think is a “safe” nation, what should we be doing or is there anything we can do? That is a question I ask myself on almost a daily basis.

None of these problems in the world today are new. They have been going on since sin entered the world. ISIS, the radical Muslim group that is killing Christians and Muslims alike, and other movements like them, did not just pop up overnight. We are never to live in fear, however, if we think that those problems will never happen here in the US, we are deceived. Having said that, I believe that we have created a mental buffer thinking that somehow we will be protected from what’s happening elsewhere in the world. This “buffer” inhibits us from doing more to help our brothers and sisters and we withdraw into our “safe” little world of normal life. But the question remains, “What can we do?”

I certainly do not have all the answers but above all things, we can pray. God is not unaware of what is going on in the world and many times He allowed His enemies to rise up so that His people would awaken and rise up as well and turn their hearts back to Him. Prayers do work and our prayers show our concern for others. But is there more we can do?

Art Credit: Obi-Wan

Art Credit: Obi-Wan

I typed into Google the question, “What can Christians do about ISIS?” There are some interesting articles out there! I read one article that intrigued me and, of course, it started off by saying that we need to pray. However, there was another practical way that I found interesting and am going to apply it to my life. The suggestion was to sacrifice something in our normal lives that would remind us daily of the suffering going on in the world today. As we hear of people that are chased from their homes, those being killed for not complying with radicalism, those living minute to minute in fear of their lives, I think it is healthy for us to think about sacrifice, even in some small way. In that, it creates an atmosphere of “goodness” and blessing.  Give someone your seat, pay for someone’s lunch who you don’t know, and so on. It may seem trivial but I think getting outside of ourselves and considering others begins to spiritually combat the selfish, self-serving world we live in.

We must remind ourselves that we are not fighting a battle against flesh and blood but a spiritual battle. While we pray that our authorities use wisdom and means to fight the physical enemies, we can fight the spiritual ones in prayer and deeds. It’s just a thought…

What are your thoughts?