#MakeDisciplesNow Re-launch

Just a few weeks ago, I returned from a long trip overseas. Every time I visit the church in other countries, I realize the great need for making disciples, all over the world, both here and there.  People talk about it but few are truly doing it. I was going to speak in a church recently on the importance of disciple making.  In his own words, the pastor asked me to share about something more relevant because they already were great at making disciples. In my own experience, a church that is truly great at discipleship can never get enough of it. There is nothing more relevant in our service to God than fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission. And by the way, after a little digging, that church did not have a reputation for making disciples.

Last year, we started a campaign called #MakeDisciplesNow and now, we will re-launch that campaign again. Although we want to expose/re-expose our ministry to as many as possible, we want to get people thinking about discipleship and missions. We want to ask questions that spark the answers to the challenges that face the global church today. We are not doing this as a criticism of what others are doing but to create an atmosphere of encouragement and creative ideas for one another in the area of discipleship, outreach, and missions. There is a series of six videos that introduce a thought or idea and then recipients are invited to comment or ask questions on our Global Action's Facebook page.

Our desire is that people would talk about this and we can develop a “community” of like-minded believers that understand or want to understand our foundational responsibilities as Christians.  Hopefully, we can encourage one another because true disciple making is not complicated but it is work and requires us to step out of our comfort zone sometimes. Christ’s Great Commission inspires and motivates us every day at Global Action to make disciples and challenge others to do the same. Please join us over the next 6 or 7 weeks by giving your input on this very important subject. 

If you would like to receive our emails, please let us know at office@globalaction.com or check out our Global Action's Facebook page or our Twitter and Instagram feeds.