Everything Starts With the Heart

“Before God can do a great work in an organization, that work must be done first in the heart of a leader… Unless God has taken our hearts captive, all of our good ‘doing’ will lack spiritual integrity and authority. Our work will expose the absence of God’s anointing. And it is at the exact moment that we think we ‘have it all together’ that we cease to be usable in the work of the Kingdom.”  ~Scott Rodin

I am a part of a monthly meeting where a group of CEO's and business owners meet together to talk about our organizations, discuss personal and business issues we’re dealing with, and challenge each other on how we can use our positions to make a spiritual difference in the lives of the people we lead. This week, we started our meeting by discussing the statement above. Keeping our hearts pure is difficult challenge but necessary, if we want God to use us and the positions that He has us in.

We discussed that letting God take our hearts captive is two-fold. First, we must yield to what He wants, seek His will with a passion, and refuse to move until we find it. Second, we must be on guard to keep our hearts pure and be alert for any sin that may entangle us. We all have sin and if we don’t admit that, we only fool ourselves (I John 1:8).

We all face temptations. Temptations of failure lead to fear, cutting corners, using people to get things, seeking comfort and love in the wrong places, anger, and on and on. But, there are also temptations we face in success that can equally cause setbacks. We can grow proud in our accomplishments, selfish, and greedy. We begin to think more highly of ourselves because of what “we” have done. We become entitled and expect others to place us at the head of the line. Again, we all deal with temptation and if we allow God to captivate our hearts, we’ll make it.

One important key that helps us to keep our hearts pure is having others that will tell you the truth but still love you. You need people surrounding you that don’t just tell you how great you are but those who will call you out when necessary. Accountability is important so that we can push each other to a deeper level of integrity.

Another important key for having a right heart is being content. In Philippians, Paul tells us that we need to learn to be content in every situation we find ourselves in. At the center of contentedness is servanthood.  A true servant is never frustrated. Frustration leads to discontent. At times, this has been one of the most difficult lessons for me to learn in life because it is a tendency, as humans, to be self-centered not serving to others.

God wants to do great things through us, but He is always so much more interested in what we become to Him than what we do for Him.  Never forget that!