Advancing Together with Global Action (No. 7)

We are stronger together

Last week, we had the opportunity to be in Honduras and Guatemala where we graduated 250 pastors and ministry leaders.  It was such a profound and moving time as we soaked in the passion and gratitude toward the Lord that these influencers have.  We were there to teach them and to graduate them from our GLOMOS Foundations program, and yet they taught us much as well!

One man, Marvin, had been abducted at the age of 12 and then forced to fight with the guerrilla fighters in Nicaragua.  Marvin had an amazing story of how God had brought him to faith in the Lord.  He started a church about 10 years ago, with no Bible training and none was available to him, until GLOMOS Foundations. Through tears of joy, he expressed thanks and told us that, since he had started the Glomos training, people started coming back to the church and coming to faith in the Lord.  His church is now at 100 people per week (in a very remote area) and they had just planted a new church that had an additional 50 people attending.  On the night of our graduation dinner, he had a chance to speak to the large group of graduates and guests and he had a great message and reminder - we are stronger together!  He called his friend, his "Timothy", to the stage and they demonstrated how we are to "watch each other's backs."

This is close to God's heart as well.  There are many scriptures that deal with our approaching each other in love when sin is present.  Proverbs 27:17 says "Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another."  James 5:16 tells us that there is tremendous power in confessing our sins to each other and praying with each other.  

God wants us to thrive in our relationship with him, not just survive in a distracted and half-hearted way.  So, find someone to walk this journey with.  It can be as simple as discussing the 3 questions developed by Casey Sanders at Jesus Spoken Here Ministries:  

  1. Where are you with God right now? What has He been showing you in His Word? 
  2. Tell me about an experience with God you had this week that was undeniably Him. 
  3. Tell me about an experience with God you had this week that was undeniably Him.  

Questions like these, when asked in love, and answered with purpose and vulnerability will bring us closer together and, more importantly, closer to God as we make the effort to regularly seek Him.

Marvin with his "Timothy."

Marvin with his "Timothy."

Advancing TogetherBob Smith