Ukraine Summer Camp Updates 2017


(Lyubotin Holy Trinity Church, Kharkiv region)

Graduates of the GLOMOS program and the Holy Trinity Church organized a summer camp for children in Meref that lasted seven days.

The children learned Bible stories, sang songs, painted, colored pictures, danced, composed fairy tales, staged scenes.

The participants really liked to perform the story about the Gypsy believers who came to the unbelievers. The story about King Artaxerxes’s feast performed by the teenagers was also very popular.

"Gypsy Club of Сheerful and Clever" was the final and one of the most interesting parts of the camp. The children received small gifts and the "Noah's Ark" magazine.

According to the feedback of the campers, "it was the best summer event ever".

It is worth emphasizing that the camp was held in the place of a compact settlement of the Roma people. There were 42 campers. Among them, there were children from low-income, vulnerable and socially inept Roma families and families of immigrants from the East of Ukraine (the warfare territories).

For many children, the camp was the only opportunity for a proper holiday, the only chance to receive a gift and to hear the Gospel ... which is the most important!

After the camp, we decided to follow up and organize a Sunday school.

We practice the vision we had received while studying in GLOMOS ...

"to go and teach others to be the disciples of Jesus Christ!"

Christina Riesbeck