Did you know that sometimes we are called to dig ditches? Ok, I'll admit that I'm thankful that I'm speaking in a figurative sense and not literally, but the point remains - God calls us to dig ditches. A recent sermon by Pastor JP Wilson of Liberty Church (Foley, AL) was a good reminder.

II Kings 3, sets forth the story of Jehoshaphat and Elisha. God had brought the 3 kings of Israel together and the Moab army was in position to attack (and win). Jehoshaphat sought out the counsel of God through Elisha and was given a word from the Lord - dig ditches all over the valley. They were in a drought, and it didn't make any sense to dig ditches. Can you imagine the men coming in from a hard day's work and thinking back on their day? They had dug ditches in a desert and there was no reason to think that it would rain. They must have felt foolish, but God had told them to do it and they obeyed. God them delivered them from the Moabites and provided for them in every way.

So, here's the pattern. 1. Seek the Lord with confidence, knowing that He is in control. 2. Trust that He will guide and direct you. 3. Get a word from the Lord - He will put the desires in your heart if you seek Him, delight in Him, and put Him first. (Psalm 37:4) 4. Do what He tells you, even if it involves digging ditches in a desert. 5. Watch Him work and praise Him for the victory!

This is true in small things of life as well as big things. In your personal life, as well as your ministry and business.

In fact, it's what we are doing here at Global Action. We have the word of the Lord - we know what He wants us to do. God is opening doors in our ministry in incredible ways. We are seeing lives and communities changed with the gospel of Jesus Christ as pastors and leaders become equipped and then become the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities. New countries are crying out for much needed training and assistance, but until the funding is provided, we are "digging ditches" by laying out the groundwork and preparing by becoming more effective and by maximizing impact for the Lord. We see where God is taking us, but are waiting for God's release to go until He provides the financial partners to make it happen.

Is it true in an area of your life too? Are you in a "holding pattern" and waiting for release? If so, seek God, trust Him, get a Word from Him, do what He says and praise Him! And, if you're in the position to help someone out of the desert - help them today and watch God work as He delivers on His word to them through you.

Bob Smith