Fundraising ideas

Cans for Cash (Aluminum)
Aluminum is the most valuable of household recyclables.  Each can is able to be recycled over and over again, saving energy, eliminating the need for strip mining, and reducing landfill contribution. Unfortunately, of the more than 100 billion aluminum cans sold in the United States each year, less than half are recycled.  Collect your (and other peoples’) aluminum cans and cash them in!

Backyard Movie Night
Invite your neighbors to a backyard screening of your favorite family movie. Ask for a minimal donation to support your cause. Don’t forget to provide the popcorn and tell them about Global Action and our mission to change the world!

Rummage Sale
Your junk may be another person’s treasure. Clean out your closets, drawers, attics, and basements and tag your unwanted items at a reasonable price. Be sure to promote your sale on local web pages and include information about your Global Action. You’ll not only raise money for your cause, you’ll declutter your home too!

Family Penny Wars
Waging a penny war among family members fuels a little friendly competition. Set out plastic bins or containers labeled for each family member. Each week, roll the pennies and keep count of the totals. The first family member to reach your desired goal is the victor of the penny war! You could even challenge your neighbors and extended family members for a little further competition!

Walkathons are a great way to show your passion for a cause. Gather up friends and family and ask your neighbors, co-workers, church members, and more to be monetary sponsors. A dollar a mile goes a long way, especially if you have a large group of walkers!

Neighborhood Chili Cook-Off
A chili cook-off is the perfect way to build community and spread the word about Global Action over a great meal. Recruit your closest neighbors to cook up a mean pot of chili. Have attendees vote on which chili is the best by placing $1 bills in each chili’s determined box. Gather up the totals and determine the winner. The best part, your neighbors are helping you support GLOMOS students across the world!

Karaoke Contest
Let your kids and their friends take center stage for this one-of-a-kind fundraising activity. Charge admission and let the audience choose the ultimate winner.