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Tell us your impressions of the teacher and how well or not well did he/she taught the module.
Give us a total number of students in attendance
Tell us what happened, any interesting stories or testimonies, any particular times of prayers, anything and everything that you can share with us that is worth praising the Lord!
No need to put a separation for thousands, type the number and use a decimal point, or just round up the number; i.e. 1007.54 or 1008.

Thanks for doing your part in making us an Outstanding Organization!

It is very important for all of us to know what is going on with each GLOMOS class and location on a regular basis. Your report and numbers will help us maintain accurate records of attendance and will make all our jobs a bit easier at the end of each active GLOMOS year.

Please take time immediately after the completion of each GLOMOS module and provide us with the basic numbers and statistics so we can keep track and know what is going on.

Thank you!