Gloria Fernandez

Gloria Fernandez is the Executive Director of Global Action Latin America. She is a translator, teacher, hard worker, and team player, and she is proud to have the opportunity to serve God training and guiding the next generation of Latin American Leaders. She graduated from Loyola University of New Orleans with a degree in International Business and Marketing. A native of Honduras and third-generation missionary, she lived in New Orleans for 20 years where she worked as the Project Director of the International Hospital for Children-IHC, a humanitarian organization that provided free medical care for sick children throughout the world and medical equipment and training to hospitals in developing countries. In 1995, she returned to Honduras after marrying Hosman Fernandez, a physical therapist she met during a mission trip. Gloria continued her humanitarian work with orphanages and medical clinics in need, and in 2008 she became part of the National Board of Directors of Global Action Honduras. She graduated the following year from the GLOMOS training program. Taking GLOMOS has given her a unique perspective towards the students and the training itself, and she now advocates for those pastors in the hardest socio-economic conditions in isolated rural communities, whom she believes to be the most passionate students of all. This belief led her to persuade local prisons to open their doors and allow GLOMOS training for Christian inmates. She has two wonderful kids, Rodrigo (19) and Natalia (18), who will soon be pursuing physical therapy in their own respective fields in Europe.