Important Update From Global Action

July 2017

Dear friends and partners of Global Action,

I am excited and blessed to have the opportunity to serve as Interim President for Global Action. Joining Global Action as a Board member in 2009 and most recently serving as Board Chairman has fueled my passion for Christ and our mission as I have been able to watch God at work throughout the world through our effective pastor training ministry. As Interim President, I look forward to creating intentional, life-changing movements for Christ in developing countries around the world.

Also, I'd like to thank our previous President, RJ Koerper, for his dedication over the past year. I am excited to announce that RJ will be staying with us but focusing specifically on the creation and implementation of the training and curriculum for our Pastor training. Below is a brief message from RJ:

"It is with both excitement and anticipation that I welcome the appointment of Bob Smith as the Interim President of Global Action. Bob brings both an extensive background in business and a passion for ministry to his new role as leader of the organization. I look forward to focusing on growing our pastor training ministry, GLOMOS, through our curriculum revision and training expansion."  

~ RJ, VP Training and Curriculum

I am eager to see what God has planned for us all for the coming year. Already, we are working on some exciting new ministry additions, strategic approaches to our existing ministry, as well as some fun and informative social media and email campaigns to build awareness and increase ministry participation. In fact, next month, we will be rolling out a new strategic partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship where we will teach our Pastors in Honduras and Guatemala how to effectively reach children for Christ. We are also working on a new GLOMOS Advance curriculum for our Pastor graduates that will supplement the current GLOMOS Foundations training. Please keep a look out for more information on upcoming developments and activities that you won't want to miss!

I'll close by saying that all of us at Global Action appreciate your continued commitment and support. I am confident that our best years lie ahead of us and that together we will continue to make disciples around the world.

May God bless you,


Bob Smith
Interim President

P.S. We are seeing the love of Christ shared consistently through our Pastor training programs. At a recent graduation, we saw our graduating class practice the principles of evangelism that had been taught to them and, as a result 79 people accepted Christ in a single afternoon. Within the next year, the village had a new church and medical clinic built and funded by ministry partners like you - they are now expanding their Kingdom reach for His glory. This will be even further fueled by the upcoming children's' evangelism training. The potential is unfathomable, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please pray for the ministry and donate toward pastor training. It only takes $500 per month to sponsor 5 pastors to be trained for the entire year - including supplies. Hurry and donate now as your "Where Needed Most" (General) donation received by August 15th will be matched at .50 cents on the dollar.* Will you help us equip Pastor's to share Christ today? Donate to show your support by clicking the link GIVE above.

*Donated funds will be matched up to a total match of $14,000.