Kiran Sharma: A Himalayan Update

Kiran Sharma joined the Global Action Staff in 2002. He has been faithful to do what God has called him to do, so often under extreme sacrifice and hardship.  Our Biblical studies course, GLOMOS, has impacted the churches in the Eastern Himalaya region for almost 12 years now. Kiran has consistently mentored hundreds of pastors in that region. So many churches are located in very remote places and difficult to reach, many hours in steep mountains reached only by foot.

In November of 2014, we will start another class in his area, which will the first class in that region in 2 years. It is predominately Hindu and Buddhist. We will have a class of 25 students. Among them are at least 10 pastors coming across the border from Bhutan. This is very exciting because Bhutan is considered one of the few “closed” countries and we have tried multiple times to get some of these pastors out to train.

As recent as 2002, there was only one church in the country and although a new constitution guarantees greater religious liberty, those who openly choose to follow Christ can be expelled from the country and stripped of their citizenship.  It has widely been reported that it is illegal for a Buddhist to become a Christian and church buildings are forbidden. Despite that, the Christian population, especially in the south, has increased at high rate. Our people in that region tell us that God is moving in an incredible way but the need for pastoral training is the greatest challenge for church growth. As God provides the finances, we will train as many as we possibly can.

In July of this year, several churches, pastures by Global Action graduates, starting outreach projects to feed the malnourished children of their communities.  They call the outreaches “ANMOL,” which means “precious” in Nepali but it also an acronym in English – "A Nutritious Meal Of Love." To read more on this and see some of the pictures, click here.