Massacre provokes evangelistic rally

Eliezer Banegas is a man with a mission.  You wouldn’t guess that this shy young man is one of the most passionate and dynamic leaders in his region, one of the most violent areas of Honduras.  Recently a particularly violent event provoked an extreme reaction.

Drug deals and murders are common occurrences in the most violent country on earth.  However, a while back when a drug deal went bad and ended up in a massacre right behind Eliezer’s church, Eliezer decided enough was enough.  He decided it was time the whole town heard about Jesus and followed Him.

God gave Eliezer a vision of a giant screen on top of the highest hill in El Carmen (his town) which could be seen by the entire town.  Over the next few days he couldn’t shake this vision from his mind.  Instead he decided to run with it.

He took his idea to the Global Action staff and they joked that he was crazy.  “Where was he going to get a giant screen from”, they asked him.

Nevertheless, a week later on Saturday night, Eliezer was there on top of the highest hill in El Carmen – with his giant screen, and with a huge sound system capable of projecting across the entire town.  Not only that, he also persuaded all the local churches to get involved with this event…they either joined him on stage, or were interceding for the Spirit of God to touch many hearts.

People around the entire town of 9,000 adults listened to their message throughout the evening, with many taking their chairs outside their homes to look up the hill, watch the big screen and listen to the message.

The next day all the churches in El Carmen reported record numbers in attendance, which local believers think is the start of a revival in their town.

When Gloria (Global Action national director) asked him where he got his screen from, Eliezer told her that he had persuaded a business to donate it.

Eliezer shares: “I'm grateful for all the training I received in GLOMOS because it was there where I learned to think outside the box, to be innovative in presenting the gospel, and most of all, to be sensitive to God's voice”

But on this occasion it was his turn to teach us about faith!