Medical Equipment

We have obtained donated medical equipment, new and barely used, from our Salvation Army partners in Sweden for years now. We pay for shipping and handling fees for the equipment that must be packed and shipped from Sweden. For every dollar that Global Action provides in freight, approximately $15 in medical equipment is released, which is a tremendous return on investment.

Some of the equipment goes to hospitals and some, like wheelchairs and other personal items, are distributed through local churches or through our Hope Centers. We have shipped to many countries where we work currently and continue to do so. We have requests currently in Nigeria, Niger, Congo, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Honduras, and India.

  • These medical donations do two things - it ministers to those in desperate need and it gives Christians incredible influence and credibility in the countries that we send equipment, as in the case of Sri Lanka

  • In 2014, we hope to extend our reach and begin to send containers into new countries to enhance the influence of the local church in these countries

Areas of Ministry, both past and potential:

  • Ukraine

  • Nigeria

  • Niger

  • Sri Lanka

  • Congo

  • Honduras

  • El Salvador

  • India