Guatemala Video Update - April 2017

This was a class that I taught in March when we started the new GLOMOS school year for 2017 and I was very impressed with the everyone's hunger and the teachable spirit that each pastor and church leader had for the Word of God and for the truths about the Kingdom of God. This month, our friend and partner, Jeff Peterson, taught the second module and we are happy to share this video update! Enjoy!

Our work in Guatemala has expanded with several new classes taking place and being taught by graduates of our program. This is what true discipleship is: disciples making disciples. It's multiplication. This is our update from the beginning of April 2017 and the GLOMOS class in El Faro, Guatemala.

2016 Ministry Update

If the IRS gives us all April 15 as a deadline to take care of our tax returns, I feel that with only four more days left to this deadline it is still OK to share and present you with our 2016 Ministry Update!

I say all this with a big smile as I am excited that we can share this update again this year - the Lord was so good to all of us in 2016 and we thank Him for the provisions, for His grace, and for His goodness to all of us in 2016! We are also thankful to all of our partners, friends, and supporters - thank you for your prayers, for your friendships, and for your continue support!

We would love to hear from you - let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about an aspect or a program of our ministry!

With blessings in Christ,

Nasko Lazarov
VP of Operations, Global Action

2016 Ministry Report

GLOMOS Expands to Nicaragua

We are excited, humbled, and grateful for the opportunity to bring GLOMOS to a new country: Nicaragua!

Thanks to two of our 2016 graduates, GLOMOS just launched in Nicaragua where we will help train and equip pastors and church leaders for effective ministry!

It's all about Jesus' Great Commission and for #makedisciplesnow!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!


Christmas Outreaches in Ukraine

This year, just as we've done in the past, our GLOMOS graduates in Ukraine reached out and blessed 700+ children and their families in Ukraine with Christmas programs. We use this model of ministry as we think it produces the best results and it does it in the most effective way - the churches of our GLOMOS graduates are "there" all the time, they know the culture, they know specifics that could otherwise become a problem for any outside missionary or for those who only "fly in and fly out" for a short time.

Here's a glimpse of what we were able to do this past January in Ukraine. We are so happy to see how our investment of training and educating still pays off and pays forward. Thank you to all our friends, partners, and supporters - your prayers and financial contributions made all this possible!


Special "Thanks!" also go to all who support our work in Ukraine by their participation in our two golf tournaments (Arizona friends doing it in March and Minnesota friends doing it in August)!

Jesus Is In the Center

This is what we do: we equip pastors and church leaders so they can have effective ministries in equipping others to share the Gospel and to minister to those in need! We are all about #makedisciplesnow and we make sure that Jesus is in the center.

This is a recent video update from Igor Grishajev and from our GLOMOS training - it's more than just classroom teaching and sessions and taking notes and learning - it's practical, it's out in the communities, doing what Jesus would do! Our students' ministries get more effective... no, their lives are transformed and infused with passion and desire to know Jesus and to make Him known! Their ministries to the orphans and the widows, to the outcasts and the marginalized are very effective as they are "on the ground" all the time!

Thank you for your partnership and support! We can't do it without you! Enjoy the video!


Global Action Desert Classic


Hope you are all doing well and planning for the big day on March 18th when we raise support for the great work being done in Ukraine to help children and train others to do the same.

10th Annual Golf Global Action Desert Classic
Augusta Ranch Golf Course in Mesa, AZ

Saturday, March 18 20017 @ 8:00am
to raise money for orphans and street kids in Ukraine!

Entry Fee: $100
Scramble format, putting contest at 11:30am, and great prizes!

Register Online

You can download and print the flyer for the tournament that you can forward to members of your foursome or others you want to bring that day. I will have printed copies of the flyer available this weekend and will personally get them to you (as many as you want) if you just request them. I will do whatever I can, and I know you will do the same.

Let's make this the biggest and best fundraiser we have ever had in Arizona.

Thanks so much for all your support!

Barry Fluth
Golf Commissioner

2017 Global Action Arizona Golf Flyer

Discipleship Round the Clock

Equipping pastors and church leaders for effective church ministry is a round-the-clock work, we don't stop or take breaks (well, we take naps from time to time) but the process is ongoing. We just completed another module of our training in Ukraine - three days of teaching sessions on the New Testament.

As you watch this short video, pray with us for a dozen outreaches that our graduates are going to do in December and January that will minister to over 700 children-at-risk in Ukraine, sharing the Gospel and the love of God with them. As our students were learning about the New Testament and how it all fits in the larger plan of God and His Kingdom, they get to live out practically what they learn in their classroom.

Thank you for your prayers and for your continued support!

New Testament Module is now completed in Ukraine for this year. Take a look and listen to what our teacher and students share... The Kingdom of God is much larger than any church, denomination, or organization!

Timely Help

This week our office received news of two pastors in India who were beaten and persecuted because of their Christian faith and because of their Christian ministries. One was arrested and beaten, "they made me suffer" he said. The other one was beaten severely by his own family. The second case was in a old-new area of India where we had worked in the past through our GLOMOS classes and where we just re-launched classes. The story of my brother, R.C.*, below is a small glimpse of what the Lord is still doing around the world when people see Him and want to know Him and when they want to make Him known. R.C. is now one of the new GLOMOS students and I can't wait to see what the Lord will do through His ministry!

Please continue to pray with us for God's protection and His presence around all of our GLOMOS classes, teachers, students, and Global Action leaders and staff members!

I pray all God's blessings to you and all your loved ones!

In Christ,

Nasko Lazarov

*(R.C.'s name is fake as I changed my brother's name for security purposes and for protection of his identity).


I am R.C. and I was born in a Roman Catholics family where I was the eldest son among 6 brothers. My father was a small-time farmer, and since childhood I saw my family facing financial crisis, which also costed my education. I was able to finish my 10th grade but after that I never had any chance to study further and this has been a frustration. There was also another problem in my family. When someone was sick and my parents worshiped other gods and goddesses, even going to Hindu priests for sorcery, there was no result. This made me even more frustrated, and I started to live a sinful life and became a drug addict.

At that time one of my cousins took me to his church, where for first time in my life I enjoyed the worship. When I told my cousin that I enjoyed very much the worship he encouraged me to come back again and to attend their church Sunday services. I started attending their church but my parents were very much unhappy with me that I started going to a non-Catholic church. As I continued to attend church, my parents told me that if I don’t stop they will stop all my family support.  I couldn't stop going as I already had heard many testimonies and met many persecuted people in that church and I saw firsthand how they still didn’t lose their hope in Christ. My pastor preached and taught me how to hold on to the faith in Christ and how through faith that we meet Christ and I began to understand what true Christianity was. Slowly God began to work in my heart and I accepted Christ as my savior in 2006.

As a new Christian, I started inviting my pastor and believers to my home so my family could also have fellowship with them. In the beginning, my parents were not so welcoming them but they too understood and experienced the godly blessings when the sickness was gone from our home.

My pastor encouraged me to start a fellowship, so I started a fellowship in our village but due to high persecutions and constant life-threats, our fellowship stopped meeting after three months. I was depressed and was seeking answers.

Jeremiah 29:11 says  ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.’

In few months’ time God took me to a village where a tribe that speaks mostly their own tribal language and they live among themselves. This is one of the reasons why they are one of the most rejected tribes but God helped me to start a fellowship among them.

I realized that I needed trained and equipped with Word of God to continue my work among this unreached community. I was praying for an opportunity where I can get a systematic training on theology. A pastor friend of mine told me about the GLOMOS program and that it is starting again in our area. I praise God for this opportunity because I believe that, God is fulfilling all His promises to me and I will be a useful vessel in the hands of God.

This Is Discipleship

This past year has marked a significant shift in strategy at Global Action with our GLOMOS ministry that has trained several thousand pastors in developing countries around the world, during our 18 years of existence. In response to the teacher training that outgoing president Phil Long and I did in Honduras last January, the 35 leaders that we trained began their own GLOMOS classes in 13 different locations in Honduras, two leaders led theirs in Guatemala , and  this October we will graduate 267 students who will be equipped as pastors, church planters, and church leaders. That is very significant in itself! But again, as we did last year, we will be taking our best students from these graduates, training them again in January to teach GLOMOS, and this next year we are anticipating 500 students in 30 different locations!

This is the dynamic of exponential growth of discipleship that Jesus commanded us to do in Matthew 28, and this is our primary mission at Global Action: to engage the Global Church to Fulfill Christ’s Great Commission…empowering its leaders to make disciples.

Both the urgency and importance of our equipping ministry was tested this summer in Chamelecon, near San Pedro Sula. Last year in October we graduated 13 GLOMOS students, in Pastor Edwin’s growing church in a community that was mostly deserted until about two years ago. The drugs and gang violence were so bad that 25,000 people had left the area, and only after military intervention, were residents slowly moving back into the town. God blessed, the church grew rapidly, and this year Pastor Edwin, also a GLOMOS graduate, taught GLOMOS in two other locations. But tragedy struck this summer when gang members drove by the church with guns, began shooting, left cars riddled with bullets and 8 people seriously wounded, including his worship leader.

The church in Chamelecon

The church in Chamelecon

Though seven are recovering from their wounds, one young man died, but did receive Christ as his Savior hours before his death at a local hospital. Though the motives aren’t certain, it appears as though this was a payback from the gang, because earlier in the summer four key members of that gang accepted Christ and were baptized. There were some that tried to discourage Pastor Edwin from continuing, telling him that people won’t come to the church. They were wrong. In response to the tragedy, 152 people have come to Christ as a result, and the church community has come together in an unbelievable show of unity and determination to overcome evil with good! This is the church as Jesus meant it to be! This is discipleship!

This is why your support is so crucial! When you partner with us in prayer, you are connecting your shield of faith with ours and together we are fighting this spiritual battle, with eternity at stake for so many. When you partner with us financially you are not only investing in advancing God’s Kingdom, but the generational impact will be significant. One trained leader will train 10-50 others, who will plant churches, disciple others, equip other leaders, who will plant churches, and so fuel a movement that is grounded in relational discipleship. But to do that well, we need your financial support in these areas:

  • We are currently rewriting the GLOMOS curriculum to make it more practical and more transferable. We have very capable writers and editors, but we need the resources for translating, preparing and printing the manuals as well as the teacher training manual. We want this task to be completed by October of 2017.
  • We plan on training 75 new trainers in January 2017. Many of these leaders do not have the resources to attend the three-day seminar. A donation of $50 would provide a much needed scholarship.
  • God is leading us to open GLOMOS in Jaigaon this next year on the India Bhutan border. We have a local leader, and 25-30 Bhutanese pastors ready to be trained. A monthly donation of $50 will provide training for one of these pastors who will go back to a country that is still closed to the gospel.
  • We have begun our GLOMOS classes in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. These classes are being videotaped and shown through YouTube in a Russian controlled area of Ukraine to nine pastors. Any donation to this ministry will help extend our teaching ministry to places that can’t be reached any other way.
  • We have already begun to network with other like-minded ministries who will come alongside Global Action and provide ongoing training for our GLOMOS graduates. Your financial support will help make this possible.
Teacher training at El Faro in January 2016

Teacher training at El Faro in January 2016

As you can see, God is using Global Action and GLOMOS in significant ways, and this next year promises to be our best year yet! But we so need your ongoing support to make this happen. Will you pray for us as we seek the Lord to show us how best we can serve Him in making disciples? Will you pray about what He would have you do in coming along side us with your financial support, either through a one time gift or through a monthly donation. Thank you in advance for all you do for Global Action!

For His glory,

R.J. Koerper
President, Global Action

We appreciate all your prayers and support!

Make a secure online donation at

A New Year of GLOMOS in Ukraine

We are excited to see a new year of GLOMOS starting again in Ukraine! Take a look at the first module that just started few days ago in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Pray with us for the students and their churches so they can do more of what we are all about: #makedisciplesnow

Global Action just started a new "school" year in Ukraine. Take a listen and pray for the students, including some who are going to take the modules remotely as they are behind the lines of war in the Eastern parts of Ukraine.

785 Children Reached With God's Love

2016 Summer Camps in Ukraine

We are again providing hundreds of children in Ukraine with summer camps that reach them with the love of God, all done through our network of GLOMOS graduates. After Russia's annexing Crimea in the Springs of 2014, we shifted our strategy and instead of hosting only a limited number of camps, we enlarged the ministry by partnering with GLOMOS graduates and their churches - the local churches and Christ followers are in a much better place and position to serve and minister to their orphans and children-at-risk. And, quite honestly, they can do a better job!

Since the beginning of June, we were able to reach and minister to 785 children through 12 summer camps, Vacation Bible Schools, and other outreach programs. Here's a report from one of them that took place in the early part of June.

Do you want to get an idea of the impact a camp might have in a child's life?  Would you like to know what others thought about it, or gained from it, and what their experience at the summer Bibles camps supported by Global Action was?  Take a moment to read a few of the testimonials we received from the church “Abundant Life” whose pastors and leaders graduated from GLOMOS and are now involved actively in reaching disabled children during this summer Bibles camps 2016.

Kozelets Orphanage for Disabled Children

Kozelets is a small town in the northern part of Ukraine, just 80km from Kiev. But what a difference when you get there and see how poor the people are and how bad the health care system is in a such small town. That is why our GLOMOS graduates, Alexander Vaylyn, Albert Oganezov, and other graduates, started ministering to disabled children in the Kozelets' orphanage for disabled children. These children are the most neglected by the system and it comes from the Soviet times when such people where hidden and no one would know about them since we lived in a "happy country." Ministering to these children, we reach both them and their parents.

Here is some of the testimonies we have received from our GLOMOS graduates who were there as counselors for this camp in June. After the camp children came to the church and the whole church prayed for them and blessed them.

The camp became a refuge for both children and the staff of the orphanage who needed to get away from the distractions of their everyday life so they could hear God's voice more clearly. That is what discipleship is all about.

“The Summer Bibles camp is the one place that has had the most impact, not just in my life but also in the lives of my family. All of the disabled children became campers in our summer camp for the 1st time. The week of the camp they and I will remember and that will keep the children encouraged for the days ahead. I knew that they wanted to have the same love, hope, and joy that the staff and teachers have, and some of them gave their lives to Christ at the last day of the camp. The following summers, going to camp was not just an option but something I could not get enough of. Our staff worked hard to make lifelong friendships with the children and the staff of the orphanage. Being able to be part of a team that worked together to share the love of Jesus with campers was amazing!” ~Sasha Vylyn, pastor of the church Abundant life, GLOMOS graduates 2013

“For a first time in my life, I was privileged to be able to serve as a camp counselor this summer. What an awesome experience! I was able to see God move and work through the staff and campers in ways that sometimes seemed so small, yet produced a mighty outcome. Global Action is a big part of our life today as our GLOMOS graduates and our church have the privilege of serving lost people.” ~Albert Oganizov, pastor of a home church, “Abundant life” Church in Kiev; GLOMOS graduates 2013

"To this day, I still get that feeling of excitement when I see the children we served in our summer Bible camp when they come to us after the camp to have a blessing from our church. We prayed that together with Global Action we would see them filled with His Holy Spirit, that we might be worthy of the Gospel of Christ, standing firm in one spirit, with one mind, striving side by side for the faith of the gospel." (Phil. 1:27) ~Andrei Ivanov, senior pastor of the church “Abundant life”, Kiev

“The word 'camp' became my favorite four-letter word and my favorite time. The people of the  camp staff were so nice. The camp became a shelter for me. I could play and listen to Bible morning lessons and it was so good and interesting to me.” ~Andrei Vosyk, 12 y.o. disabled orphan

“I love camp. I love people. I love sweet cotton and the zoo we attended! It was good and lovely! I am so excited!” ~Nastya, 8 y.o. orphan

Dublayny Summer Bibles Camp, Ukraine

"Just as it is in any other countries, summer vacation is a time for rest for the people of Ukraine. It is also the most important time of the year for evangelism and reaching the lost children with the Gospel. In June, our church had a summer bible camp where we had a lot of fun and other summer-related events.

"It is true that the children should have summer Bible Camp as a gift, as a glimpse of Christ’s redeeming love. There were 73 children from families who became the victims of the war because their fathers died fighting for the peace in Ukraine; some were from disabled families and some were orphans from the orphanage with which we have been working closely during the last year. We tried to get know better children during these 5 days to bring them to the point where they will decide on their own to dedicate their lives to Christ. I am happy that there were all 73 children who prayed the prayer of repentance. We will continue meeting them after the summer camp, too." ~Vasyl Didichin, pastor of the church Hosanna, Ukraine

We have more pictures from these outreaches but we have a request from the government and from the orphanage that we don't make these images public. We could share some of the pictures with you, if you are interested. Email Nasko Lazarov and he will share some of the pictures with you.

Prayers for Honduras

Earlier this morning, Nasko, our field directors for Global Action, and I were in our every other week team meeting online and were sharing prayer requests at the end.

Gloria Fernandez, our director in Honduras, shared that the community she and her family live in, La Lima, is under major attack by gang members, who are demanding a “war tax” from local businesses to operate without interference from the gangs. Failure to do so has cost the lives of several in the community, at least 15, including a family that Gloria has purchased fruits and vegetables from, a mom and her two kids!

Pastors are driving through the streets, praying for safety on loudspeakers. Legal authorities so far have just now started taking action. This afternoon the military has rolled into La Lima to try and restore some safety and order. But ultimately this is spiritual warfare, and we need your prayers, for protection, for God to intervene, for the violence to stop!  Pray especially for protection for Gloria and her family and that the church will come together in unity to stand against this.

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. ~ Ephesians 6:18.

Thank you!

President of Global Action

Connect Newsletter via Blog

There is a connection between computer problems and creativity. For me, this means that whenever I face computer problems, I must find creative ways to solve the multiple problems that come from that. So, can I just say that I've been feeling too creative lately?

This month's Connect Newsletter is coming to you as a "blog post" and once I resolve the computer and software issues, we will resume sending you the newsletter as a PDF. This summer we have an exciting opportunity to affect a whole region in India through GLOMOS and by providing our pastoral training to pastors who are in dire need of being equipped for an effective ministry.

Take a look at this brief report from Amit Mondal, our Hyderabad Administrator:

Our prayers are with you and with all your loved ones for a great and blessed summer season! Please continue to pray with us - we appreciate your friendship and support!

Planning to Expand in 2017 to Rio Dulce (Sweet River)

Pastor Danny Lopez (back) praying with Gloria Fernandez for Pastor Juan Pop

Pastor Danny Lopez (back) praying with Gloria Fernandez for Pastor Juan Pop

by Gloria Fernandez

This is the third year we have been teaching GLOMOS at El Faro, in Guatemala. We have been blessed to be teaching two important ethnic groups, the Maya Q’eqchis and the Garifunas (descendants of African slaves) from the town of Livingston.

It has been a challenge to teach our Maya Q’qchi pastors since their mother tongue is Q’qchi and they speak a broken Spanish. Most of them have little formal education, and reading and writing in Spanish is difficult for them. Culturally, they are very conservative and extremely attached to their traditions. These pastors have their ministries in the mountains and river bends of Rio Dulce (Sweet River) in the State of Izabal. To get to class, the majority of them have to walk several hours to get to a place where they can ride a canoe, then take a motor boat to El Faro. In spite of all their obstacles, they are faithfully present in class ready to learn.

Currently we have seven Maya Q’qchi pastors attending GLOMOS.  One of them is Pastor Juan Pop. He is the Supervisor of 27 churches of his denomination (Iglesia Evangelica Embajadores de Cristo) Ambassadors of Christ Evangelical Church. Although he has only received the first three modules of GLOMOS, he has been impacted by the training he is receiving. Two weeks ago he requested a little meeting between class sessions with me. He would like our ministry to train all of the pastors under his supervision in the Rio Dulce area. We are already planning for this next expansion of GLOMOS, including all the logistics to teach in this remote but beautiful part of the world, where pastors and leaders are passionate about preaching the gospel, but lack the tools and training for an effective ministry.

I am grateful that the Lord is opening new locations that in the past have been closed to any kind of non-denominational theological training. 

Gloria Fernandez - National Director, Honduras and Guatemala

Where There is a Will, There is a Way

Last month I was in Central America, teaching our first module for the year in San Pedro Sula (Honduras) and El Faro (Guatemala) - I always like to go through the Gospels and remind myself of Jesus' walk and ministry on this planet. As I was teaching these two classes, we had a few "remote" students, too - one was taking a class via Skype calls from her home in the capital city of Honduras, Tegucigalpa; and, few more students were going through our training from a location in the Middle East - for security purposes and for their own good, I will not mention their exact location.

Here's a note that we received from them recently:

It is a pleasure for us to be in contact with you and to tell you about the great blessing that we feel in our lives when opening this opportunity to receive this discipleship training. We saw this as a unique opportunity to stay in touch and get the word via online since you know that here in (country name omitted) is difficult to attend any Christian church. For us it has been a great blessing as we are always in contact with our home church (in Honduras). We know the importance of feeding daily on the word of God and you better do it this way following a study guide as we are doing with you.

Although we have just completed the first module of the study we are feeling very happy to learn something new every day and we know it will be a great blessing for us now and in the future especially to be prepared to do the work Lord where he wants to fulfill his will. We also know, we are more than convinced, that God opens doors and wants to show us the way he has in advance ready for us but we must be prepared to walk in step with Him in that purpose.
We thank you for giving us this opportunity via online open for us out of our land and God grant that this is the beginning for many more families can receive by this means!

Yours sincerely and wishing that God will continue to use and bless you greatly,
A., D., and M.

This month, in all 16 training locations in Central America with had 405 students taking the second module of our training program! Our "remote" students are part of it, too, and it reminds me of the old saying that "where there is a will, there is a way!" What a beautiful picture of such dedicated followers of Christ!

Remember, if you've not heard me say this enough many times in the past, but this is what Global Action is all about: #makedisciplesnow

One Blanket. One Soul. Heaven Rejoicing.

Stories likes these warm my heart and bring tears to my eyes because they are a fresh reminder of the simplicity of the Gospel and a reminder that in God's economy, whenever one soul is saved, there is much rejoicing in Heaven.

This update comes from Amit Mondal, the administrator of our office in Hyderabad, India. I hope that the short testimony is encouraging to you, too. Thank you again for being part of what we do around the world - equipping pastors for effective ministry so they can reach and minister to their people and communities! #makedisciplesnow


Laxmi, "For a first time ever someone loved me!"

Laxmi, "For a first time ever someone loved me!"

Laxmi is a Hindu widow who lives in her daughter’s house. In India, living in a daughter’s house is shameful but as she has no place else to live, she is forced to live there. Her daughter and her son-in-law don’t care much for her and Laxmi has she lost all her hopes for help from her own god and from her family.

One day, our GLOMOS alumni pastor Timothy asked her to come to church and to receive a gift. Laxmi came with a doubtful heart but she was very surprised when she received her gift, a warm blanket. She asked the pastor “What do I need to do for you?” to which the pastor surprisingly asked her back, “Why would you ask this?” “I need to do all the house work for my daughter’s household in order to stay and to have food, so I thought that I needed to do some work for you as well.”

The pastor was saddened but he quoted from John 14 and told her to not trouble her heart, and that God loves her, and so does Jesus, the Son of God. He also shared her the verse from Revelation 21:4. Laxmi was overjoyed and exclaimed, “No one until today had loved me so much and I’ve never ever received any free gifts in my life but today my life was changed.” She thanked the pastor and went home but now she has become a regular member of this GLOMOS church. Our alumni is regularly teaching in the Bible and she now lives in peace. Recently, she’s committed her life to Christ and is getting ready for a water baptism.

We praise God that through the distribution of only 100 blankets, all given with the love, care, and with the Word of God, Laxmi’s life was saved and changed. 

On January 22, 2016, 100 people received free blankets. All these people are from remote villages and live in very poor conditions. Most of them make their living from rather smaller farm land and all of them are well over 50 years of age. 

2015 Ministry Report

2015 Ministry Report

Dear Friends and Partners of Global Action,

As anticipated, 2015 was an incredible year for Global Action in many ways. God allowed us to continue strengthening the financial position within the ministry, both because of our supporters, like you, and the high standards of stewardship held throughout Global Action. We were able to train almost twice the number of leaders as in 2014, add new training locations, enable our students to grow their disciple-making churches through equipping and outreach, encourage the planting of new fellowships, and begin the re-writing of our training materials.

During 2015, we felt a strong charge to hold Isaiah 54: 2, 3 as our "rallying cry:"

"...enlarge the place of your tent, stretch out your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left, and your descendants will possess the nations..."

We have wisely pursued this charge, and have seen God's faithfulness and favor. We are so excited about what God has done this past year, and are hopeful for all that is to come in 2016.

As you read this report, I pray that you as encouraged as we are. As in past years, we'll briefly review the focus as guided by our Global Action Board and fulfilled by our GA leadership team. This report will also give you an inside look, from our global team, at what God is doing through Global Action, both financially and ministry-wise. Last, we share about what is happening in 2016, and beyond.

As always, if you ever want to know more, please let me know at or call our office at (719) 528-8728 and I'll be happy to speak with you personally.

Many blessings to you in 2016!

Phil Long

International President, Global Action

2015 Ministry Report


Showing of War Room (movie) in San Pedro's Central Prison

Are you searching for strong and faithful Christians? You will find some of them in the Central Prison of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Not in a monastery, not in a mega church, not in a Bible school. I was in that prison once, teaching for our training program, and was impressed with the quality of character of the leaders of the prison church. Yes, they have a captive audience (no pun intended) but their ministry goes beyond the prison walls and reaches into the families of the inmates and their siblings. The church's ministry towards the elderly (who are literally abandoned by their families and the whole world) is a prime example of Book-of-Acts-church ministering the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the most genuine and practical way.

Our team in San Pedro was thrilled with the opportunity to schedule a showing of the movie War Room (if you haven't seen it yet, we highly recommend you see it!) around the holidays last year! Here are some pictures that will take you inside and give you a glimpse. Continue to pray with us for our work in the prison so that the light of Christ and His redemptive power will rescue and save more inmates!