Where There is a Will, There is a Way

Last month I was in Central America, teaching our first module for the year in San Pedro Sula (Honduras) and El Faro (Guatemala) - I always like to go through the Gospels and remind myself of Jesus' walk and ministry on this planet. As I was teaching these two classes, we had a few "remote" students, too - one was taking a class via Skype calls from her home in the capital city of Honduras, Tegucigalpa; and, few more students were going through our training from a location in the Middle East - for security purposes and for their own good, I will not mention their exact location.

Here's a note that we received from them recently:

It is a pleasure for us to be in contact with you and to tell you about the great blessing that we feel in our lives when opening this opportunity to receive this discipleship training. We saw this as a unique opportunity to stay in touch and get the word via online since you know that here in (country name omitted) is difficult to attend any Christian church. For us it has been a great blessing as we are always in contact with our home church (in Honduras). We know the importance of feeding daily on the word of God and you better do it this way following a study guide as we are doing with you.

Although we have just completed the first module of the study we are feeling very happy to learn something new every day and we know it will be a great blessing for us now and in the future especially to be prepared to do the work Lord where he wants to fulfill his will. We also know, we are more than convinced, that God opens doors and wants to show us the way he has in advance ready for us but we must be prepared to walk in step with Him in that purpose.
We thank you for giving us this opportunity via online open for us out of our land and God grant that this is the beginning for many more families can receive by this means!

Yours sincerely and wishing that God will continue to use and bless you greatly,
A., D., and M.

This month, in all 16 training locations in Central America with had 405 students taking the second module of our training program! Our "remote" students are part of it, too, and it reminds me of the old saying that "where there is a will, there is a way!" What a beautiful picture of such dedicated followers of Christ!

Remember, if you've not heard me say this enough many times in the past, but this is what Global Action is all about: #makedisciplesnow