2017 Ukraine Summer Camp Update

(Lyubotin Holy Trinity Church, Kharkiv region)

Graduates of the GLOMOS program and the Holy Trinity Church organized a summer camp for children in Meref that lasted seven days.

The children learned Bible stories, sang songs, painted, colored pictures, danced, composed fairy tales, staged scenes.

The participants really liked to perform the story about the Gypsy believers who came to the unbelievers. The story about King Artaxerxes’s feast performed by the teenagers was also very popular.

"Gypsy Club of Сheerful and Clever" was the final and one of the most interesting parts of the camp. The children received small gifts and the "Noah's Ark" magazine.

According to the feedback of the campers, "it was the best summer event ever".

It is worth emphasizing that the camp was held in the place of a compact settlement of the Roma people. There were 42 campers. Among them, there were children from low-income, vulnerable and socially inept Roma families and families of immigrants from the East of Ukraine (the warfare territories).

For many children, the camp was the only opportunity for a proper holiday, the only chance to receive a gift and to hear the Gospel ... which is the most important!

After the camp, we decided to follow up and organize a Sunday school.

We practice the vision we had received while studying in GLOMOS ...

"to go and teach others to be the disciples of Jesus Christ!"

"Path of the Winner"

This year Gethsemane church held a summer camp in Chervonograd at the local recreational facility called "Rovesnyk". The camp provided an all-inclusive holiday for children, with time for physical, psychological, and spiritual activities.

The purpose of the camp was to help the participants get to know God and His plans for their lives and to grow in faith and understanding of Christian truths. We used comprehensive stories based on Bible stories about Jesus and Joseph. The camp leaders were specifically taught to work with camp participants for a year. Therefore, they knew how to talk to the hearts of children, employing not only teaching, but also witnessing faith with their own lives.

Here are some elements of the camp program:

• Thematic work in groups: Every day was dedicated to the specific topic (God's purpose for us, difficulties and temptations on the way to victory, false accusations, goal achievement, and the winner’s award of the winner). The discussion involved the campers. The children watched the fragments of the cartoon about Joseph, which was related to the topic of the day. The team spirit was built by the camp Bible verse and song "Blessed are the merciful".

• Prayer: The spiritual part of the program included personal and common fellowship with the Lord (morning and evening prayers, evening services). This part was the best time for joy and happiness.

• Entertainment program and leisure: The children do not imagine a good holiday without games and leisure time. Therefore, we held outdoor games and sports competitions to strengthen the physical health of the campers. We also watched Christian movies and cartoons after the evening service.

Thanks to such a rich program, the children learned to appreciate the time, activities, health, and other benefits the Lord gives them. They realized that the Lord blesses them when they overcome difficulties, do not fall into temptations, and fulfill the God’s plan for them.

Thank you for an excellent opportunity
to get to know God and His plans for us!


There were 60 young children and youth who had a great opportunity to spend the last week of summer in the Christian fellowship and in the presence of God.

During this program, we contributed into the lives of young people something new in their emotional and spiritual lives. We could see the fruits of God’s work in their hearts as we were talking with them in the camp. Eleven people renewed their repentance, the others took their first steps in Christ, and 9 people were baptized in the Spirit. On the last day, everyone confessed their sins before the Lord and nailed the sins to the cross.

We saw the Holy Spirit working in the hearts and minds of the campers. Many of them showed the gifts of the Holy Spirit and served one another using them! It is great to be a part of God’s revival in young lives!

We are sure that the lives of the campers have been changed! We are glad to continue cooperation with you for the Kingdom of God!

Sincerely, Pasychna Yana, director of the youth camp "Dynamite", pastor of youth ministry "JCmotion", Church “Good News”, a graduate of GLOMOS 2013

Hosanna Church

We had our unforgettable time together. Ten leaders and 37 teenagers came together to meet Jesus, think about Christianity, and have some fun. After 3 weeks, we still think that it was the most awesome time this summer for each of us!

When our team thinks about this camp everybody agrees: we came back with deep changes in our hearts. Our leaders, aged from 20 to 32, learned how to work as a strong team, help each other, and be ready to accept challenges. Getting through difficulties together was a huge experience for us. And each day we felt that the spiritual war is going on.

This year we had 9 helpers – teenagers who repented in previous camps and came to learn what it means to serve like Jesus. They prepared some workshops, leaded discussion groups, and worked in pairs with their leaders.

We were honored to accept 28 campers, including 13 new people and 15 attenders of our teenage club. Around 20 of them repented on the last day! Three hours a day, we spent in discussion groups and Bible studying. Four hours a day, teenagers had workshops. One hour a day, we made time for swimming. Three hours a day, leaders spent discussing camp and praying for their teams. Two hours a day, each leader spent in personal meetings with teenagers. All of us had a precious 7 days together!

Each day teenagers had 2 kinds of workshops. One before camp and one during camp. In the morning we provided sports and English. Teenagers spent 6 days playing soccer or studying English. This approach made camper’s results obvious and good. After lunch, we offered 5 different workshops: dancing, sports, arts, self-improvement and playing table-games.

Surprisingly, most teenagers wanted to come and learn at the self-improvement workshop about setting goals, public speaking and personal tests.

This was the favorite time for most of us! For two hours, 4-5 teenagers, a helper and a leader were talking about their lives, their problems and challenges, and Jesus in the atmosphere of love, acceptance and honesty. It is a big blessing to see how teenagers find answers in God, how sincere and open they can be, and how much they need a simple love. During this group there were tears, laughter, repentance, serious questions and easy answers. God was there every minute!

This part of our day included preaching, worship, drama etc. Also leaders and helpers shared their testimonies each day. Singing with teenagers who had never heard songs like that before was amazing! The camper’s favorite song was “I surrender” and we really meant each word of it.

We built relationships with campers through funny games.

After camp, there were 40 people who came to Reverse. We invite all campers to join our home group and it has all chances to become the favorite time of week! A lot of campers attend our floorball trainings, movie nights, game nights, worship nights, etc.

We want to say thank you for making that happen! Your help and prayers encourage us to do more and more for God’s glory and save teenager’s hearts. God bless you!

With love,

Nasko Lazarov