Exciting Leaders of Leaders (L2) Summit Opportunity

It all started four years ago … four years ago with one class in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and one class in the Central Prison. Fourteen leaders came together and decided to advance their calling to train and equip pastors for the remaining unreached people in the world. At first, 17 new classes were formed. Then, 17 grew to 24 and 24 grew to 35. In just four years, our training classes increased by over 1,650% and expanded to three Central American countries! What an amazing God we have providing for His people in this way!

Here, at the start of 2018, we find ourselves even more blessed with the opportunity to train and equip 40 new pastors and church leaders from several new countries! And while this news is fantastic, we need your help to fulfill the task.

Going live in real life and real time: The 2 Timothy 2:2 principle

Forty leaders from Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Colombia will gather for a two-day training during our Leaders Training Leaders (L2) Summit in El Faro, Guatemala (February 5-7). The training will focus on equipping these men and women with the teaching tools and methods to teach our Church Foundations program in their communities and through their networks.

Take a look at the picture below. It is from the graduation service we had in October 2017 at El Faro, Guatemala when 88 leaders completed their training (we had over 250 graduate in Central America in 2017!). Each graduate walked away prepared and equipped for the main task Jesus Christ gave His Church: to make disciples of all nations!

GLOMOS Graduation in El Faro, Guatemala; October 19 2017.

GLOMOS Graduation in El Faro, Guatemala; October 19 2017.


As we were planning for this two-day leaders’ training, God called us to open our course to the whole region of Central America! We are more than excited to welcome new countries into our training, but we need your help monetarily to complete this mission. We need to raise $6,000 by the end of January. For only $150 per pastor, we can provide training materials, a teacher's polo-shirt, lodging, food, transportation, and other miscellaneous costs.

We ask, you, all our friends, partners, and supporters to prayerfully consider giving above and beyond your usual giving amount, so we can see 2 Timothy 2:2 and our Central America L2 Summit go live on February 5! Please give thought to sponsoring one or two of these pastors and leaders and help us fulfill The Great Commission.

For an easy, secure and safe online donation, click the link below.