Pastor Leon

Jose Leon is a current GLOMOS student in the village of Teotepeque, El Salvador. He is married and has three young sons. The youngest son suffers from brain damage. Pastor Leon and his family live on $25 per month, in a tiny house with three rooms and with no water. In spite of this, Pastor Leon pays $10 per month to attend GLOMOS, and must rise at 4:00 am to make it to the classes!
Pastor Leon has a great heart for God, and for children. He recently told the GLOMOS staff that in his village, there are approximately 100 children who are alone all day because their parents work and they are left to care for each other. One family he described left their three-year in the care of the five-year old every day. It is Pastor Leon’s dream to have a church building, not just for services, but also to be used as a day care during the week to help care for these children and to teach them the Word of God.
The church currently has approximately 20 adults and 40 children, but it is doubtful that the building they are meeting in currently will survive the rainy season. They are praying for a building as well as Bibles, Sunday School materials, whiteboards, and other items that will help them to more successfully reach these precious children and their families.