Pastor Maynor: Serving in Puerto Cortes, Honduras

We have mentioned many times that Honduras is such a dangerous country and that our staff and those we work with are under constant attack.  Recently, we received a report that one of our 2011 graduates, Maynor Terreros, and his family are under threats for their very lives.

Maynor and his wife, Denia, have the largest church in Puerto Cortes with over 1500 members. He is a former drug dealer and was in prison after being caught by the police. While in prison, he accepted Jesus into his life and accepted a call to preach the gospel and start a church.  When he was released, he started the church and after realizing that he was not properly equipped to lead his small congregation, he joined our Biblical Foundation Training. During his training, he received the 2011 “Expansion” award because of the exceptional growth that was taking place in his church.

Many of his family are still involved with gangs and drugs and Maynor’s former “business partners” are still not happy about his new life.  At the end of August, during a preparations for one of his family members, 8 people, friends and family, were gunned down in front of the morgue. It was part of a gang feud for a vengeance killing, which has become every day life for many, whether directly involved in gangs or not.  They were not satisfied and continued to look for Maynor as well.  He is still under a life threatening situation.

You can read about the massacre in Spanish here.

Please pray for him and his family that God will continue to have a hand of protection on him.