Leadership Training

GLOMOS (GLObal MOdule Studies) Foundations

GLOMOS is an eight month course for pastors with little or no formal training who cannot spend 4 years in seminary or Bible College. It is open to front line, national pastors who can come to a central location for three intense days of instruction per month. The teaching is Biblical, theological, practical, tailored to the local culture, and taught by highly qualified international and local teachers. Emphasis is placed on the development of Christ-like character, commitment to the Word of God, and competent ministry skills.

  • GLOMOS graduates impact their communities through solid, balanced Biblical training and healthy church ideas without denominational, cultural, or national barriers.
  • We partner with Christian individuals and churches in "developed" nations to scholarship individual students, or in some cases, a region. 
  • We encourage western churches to plan trips with us to visit some of these locations to minister alongside these anointed men and women.

Current areas of GLOMOS Ministry:

  • India
  • Ukraine
  • Honduras
  • Guatemala

Read more about GLOMOS here.

 2010 graduation ceremony in Kathmandu, Nepal

2010 graduation ceremony in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Annual GLOMOS Conferences

We currently work with pastors and churches here in the US, as well as our regional coordinators, to provide ongoing education and support for our GLOMOS alumni.  Starting in 2014, we are exploring the opportunities to do multiple conferences in locations of past GLOMOS training.  We have done several in 2013, which have proved to be very effective and provided an atmosphere of fellowship and unity among these like-minded leaders.

40 Under 40 Conferences

This unique format connects small groups of leaders, 40 church leaders under the age of 40, for an intensive weekend of teaching.  We have all participants fill out a survey to find which questions they have about life, ministry, and church that they are unlikely to have answered anywhere else but in this environment. This is a major part of our strategy to stay connected with pastors we train in GLOMOS as well as finding future students.  This serves the church in a tremendous way.