Persecuted for Christ

Pastor Mesi is located near Lucknow, India. Recently, Phil Long was privileged to be in his church and preached the Sunday morning service.  His story is one of many similar stories. Raised a Hindu, Pastor Mesi received the Lord in 2006.

In 2007, he enrolled in GLOMOS and one month after classes started, he started a church in his home. The day before graduation, he received a call that Hindu radicals had burnt his house down and were threatening his family. He called the police who went and rescued his family. The radicals sent word to him that if he returned they would kill him. After 10 days of laying low, he returned to his village and rebuilt his home and continued with the church. 

Today, 5 years later, he has lead over 1,500 former Hindus to Christ and has 7 churches. What a testimony of this man’s courage and God’s faithfulness!