Special Visitors to Ranchi

Pastor Vance and his Assistant, Seth Posten, from the Vertical Church in West Haven, CT recently accompanied Phil Long to Ranchi in North India and back to Delhi and were great missionaries.  As is the custom in Ranchi, they had their faces splashed with water, hands washed, and feet washed and dried. What an experience!
Vertical Church supports the GLOMOS and ongoing ministries in Ranchi and they saw firsthand how God is using their church to reach the unreached in Northern India.  Ranchi is a very tough place to be a Christian and most of the pastors and believers there suffer persecution on a routine basis, including being outcasts to society, regular beatings, and in some cases, their homes and churches burned or destroyed.
This is a special harvest season in India, but especially in Ranchi.  God is doing something incredible there and the heavens seem to be open for salvations.  We met numerous pastors and church workers that have graduated from our program and started churches and are seeing many come to the Lord.  Because of the great response to the Gospel, many pastors plant more than one church.
One of our graduates, Jaimasi Ng, was a feared terrorist.  Now he is terrorizing the devil! We were able to dedicate his church building which is about a 2 hour drive from Ranchi and holds about 250 people.  The dedication service was packed!  One of his associate pastors, Emmanuel, a former Hindu, has caught the vision. He is enrolled in GLOMOS this year, and looking forward to starting his own satellite church soon.  He came to know Jesus through a miracle in his life.  Pastor Jaimasi visited his house one day and prayed for him.  At the time, he was totally paralyzed and could not walk.  God immediately touched him and now he walks perfectly.  Emmanuel has dedicated his life to proclaim the Gospel. When asked what his future vision is, he said they want to reach 50,000 new believers by 2020.  They have reached so many already and I believe they will reach this goal!