What individual qualifications are required to join?

More than anything, you need to have a desire to serve the local church. You also need to be teachable — ready to learn from your team members and hosts about what God is doing in their lives and ministries. You need to be willing to submit to your team leader’s authority, even if he or she is younger than you or has different ideas. In addition, you need to be flexible. Schedules, plans and activities change frequently in the non-Western world, often without warning or explanation. At times, it may seem as though “everything works except the plan.” This can frustrate some Western visitors, but experienced travelers come to expect it and appreciate it as part of the culture.


Do I need to be a Christian?

Yes. It is important that you read Global Action’s Statement of Faith and accept each part as basic tenets of a biblical Christian faith. We are looking for humble, teachable people with servants’ hearts, not people who are experts in theology, evangelism or any other particular field.


What are the age requirements for joining a TTW team?

The minimum age for a Global Action trip participant is 16 years old. However, younger children traveling with a legal guardian or parent are allowed. There is no upper age restriction for Global Action trip participants.


How do I apply?

You can register by completing the required application forms, and returning them, with the required trip deposit, to Global Action’s Colorado Springs office.


What is your cancellation policy?

Should you commit to an outreach and then decide not to go, cancellation penalties will apply. In many cases, these penalties are imposed by the airline industry, not Global Action. Funds received towards a trip are non-refundable in all cases, due to IRS stipulations regarding tax-deductible contributions and receipting. If a cancellation occurs, any money remaining, following the deduction of airline costs and administrative fees, can be held over for one calendar year to be used toward another Global Action outreach.


Can I change the name on a ticket reservation?

Once tickets are purchased they are non-transferable.  Airline tickets are valid for one year from the date that they were issued.  If the passenger wishes to change the ticket, he or she should re-schedule the trip by contacting the airline directly.  Remember the ticket will have NO VALUE if you fail to cancel the flight with the airline prior to the date of departure.