Not a Handout

God has opened incredible doors of ministry for Global Action among the unreached groups of the Roma people, more widely known as gypsies, in Eastern Europe. 

Because of this, a major part of our strategy in that region will be concentrated on equipping their leaders and potential leaders and empowering them to reach their communities for Christ. In August 2015, we will begin our new class of students in the town of Uzhgorod located in the Trans-Carpathian region of Western Ukraine, with 45 students. Most of them are gypsy pastors.

As in the past, we have joined the churches of our graduates in 18 cities to reach out to almost 1,000 marginalized children in June and July with many more to come in the months from August to October.

While many will be within the gypsy community, we will also be working with some behind the front lines of the war, in refugee camps, special needs orphanages, and many other situations in Ukraine. We have found that going to them through the local churches has been so much more effective long-term than bringing them into a camp for a few days as we did in the past.

Thank you for your prayers and for your financial support!