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Our work in Guatemala has expanded with several new classes taking place and being taught by graduates of our program. This is what true discipleship is: disciples making disciples. It's multiplication. This is our update from the beginning of April 2017 and the GLOMOS class in El Faro, Guatemala.
We are excited, humbled, and grateful for the opportunity to bring GLOMOS to a new country: Nicaragua! Thanks to two of our 2016 graduates, GLOMOS just launched in Nicaragua where we will help train and equip pastors and church leaders for effective ministry! It's all about Jesus' Great Commission and for #makedisciplesnow!
This past January, our GLOMOS graduates were ministering and reaching out to over 700 children and families in need, blessings them with Christmas gifts, special programs, and - most importantly - sharing the love of God and the Gospel of of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is what we do: we equip pastors and church leaders so they can have effective ministries in equipping others to share the Gospel and to minister to those in need! We are all about #makedisciplesnow making sure that Jesus is in the center!

New Testament Module is now completed in Ukraine for this year. Take a look and listen to what our teacher and students share... The Kingdom of God is much larger than any church, denomination, or organization!
Hear what our teachers and students have to say about the recent module on the Old Testament. We continue to train and equip pastors and church leaders for effective ministry! We are all about #makedisciplesnow
Global Action just started a new "school" year in Ukraine. Take a listen and pray for the students, including some who are going to take the modules remotely as they are behind the lines of war in the Eastern parts of Ukraine.
Our friend, Danny Lopez, shares his impressions from a teaching trip he took for us to Central America in May of 2016. It's all about #makedsiciplesnow for us at Global Action: equipping and training pastors for an effective church ministry so they can make more disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ!
In 2016, we partnered again with GLOMOS graduates and their churches to reach out to orphans and children at risk in Ukraine.
Video update from Igor Grishajev about Pastor Viktor Fontash from Uzhhorod, Ukraine.

An update from Igor Grishajev in Ukraine. And a short testimony from Pastor Alex Fedulov.

Merry Christmas from Global Action!

Gloria Fernadez shares from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We have an exciting opportunity to train 350+ pastors in 2016 but we need your help!

A short interview with one of our graduates, Pastor Solomon, from Aler Village in India.

One more video update from India. A short interview with Pastor David, a recent graduate of our pastors' training program.

Gloria Fernandez shares a brief testimony about two of our GLOMOS alumni. This year we had the largest number of training locations around Honduras and still providing training in Guatemala.

Igor Grishajev, our leader in Ukraine, gives a quick overview of all the summer camps we are doing in Ukraine this year. Partnering with local churches and graduates of our pastors' training program (GLOMOS) is a key strategy as we continue to mobilize the Church to fulfill the Great Commission!

Partnering with local churches is a key strategy for us this year - it's the local church and Christ's followers who are called to make disciples, to evangelize, to feed the hungry, and to take care of the poor and the elderly. We are happy to see one more church in Ukraine doing all that and more this summer!

Following the same pattern from 2014, we partnered again with local churches across Ukraine to provide summer camps and VBS programs to children in their communities. This year we were able to reach more children than ever before, all this thanks to the generosity of friends and partners like you!

During his recent trip to India, Phil asked a current GLOMOS student two important questions... His answers will give you a better understanding why what we do is so important.

A video update from one of our partners in Ukraine and their ministry to children this summer. Global Action is reaching more children in Ukraine than ever before, all through the network of partner churches and graduates of our pastors' training program.

Phil Long shares from his recent trip to India. Hear our India Administrator, Amit Mondal, share about exciting developments in a new area.

A video update from Nasko Lazarov, from the heart of Iowa. Discipleship is hard work. It may include classrooms, reading, and writing but the bottom line is that it is hard work.

June 2015 Video Update from Guatemala. An interview with Kique - our first Garifuna GLOMOS graduate in Guatemala.

Following the earthquake in Nepal (April 2015), we sent in help with a team from India. Hear the testimony and appreciation of this pastor from Nepal.

May 2015 Video Update: Global Action's Ambassador Bob Baker shares his impressions from a recent trip to Central America.

April 2015 video Update: An interview with Pastor Miguel in Livingston, Guatemala, about the effect of GLOMOS in their area.

Thousands of churches in developing nations don't have a well-equipped and prepared pastor. Strong leaders build strong churches which in turn impact their communities with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Our friends from LearningRx share how they give as a family business and why they support Global Action.
Christ's Great Commission is for every follower of Christ but not everyone can go to a foreign country. How are you involved in missions? Phil shares few ways that you can do that.

Just like going to a farmers' market to pick an apple, you could donate to many worthy and good causes. Ask yourself some important questions when deciding where to give. #makedisciplesnow

Every ministry can go after symptoms and not root problems. The key to an effective ministry is focus. #makedisciplesnow

What Makes a Disciple? Join the conversation by using #makedisciplesnow