Celebrating in Zimbabwe

Our first class in Zimbabwe has graduated! The amazing students in our pilot class persevered through all the challenges of the pandemic, and they radiated pure joy as they celebrated their accomplishment at their graduation ceremony on Sunday. To them, this graduation represents much more than knowlegde gained or a certificate earned. It means a transformed ministry and perspective. 

Blessmore, an assistant pastor, shared that before Global Action’s training he had lacked sound doctrine and confidence in preaching. As a result of the Foundations program, however, he now feels confident and equipped with the truth. “Thank you very much for this program, and with this sound doctrine I am now going into the world with the solution for what people need in their lives.” 

One of the unique aspects of our program is that the impact doesn’t just stay with our students—it touches families, churches, and entire communties. 

Pastor Cosmas is a beautiful example of this. The training he received through Global Action touched his heart—and his family. At the graduation, his wife sought out our director to tell her story. She said:

“I really want to thank Harare Theological College and Global Action for this program, as I have seen how it has changed my husband’s life. He is a different man…I thank the Lord for this change in my husband.” 

She went on to share how her husband has now been leading the family in daily Bible reading and prayer, and how he has even begun helping her in the garden. 

These might sound like small changes, but in traditional Zimbabwean culture this is a big deal! Many men often feel that the ministry of the home is only for the women, and they have no part in it since they go out and work.The changes in Pastor Cosmas’ relationship with his family reflect a much deeper heart change, with a new orientation to Christ-like love and servant leadership. Just imagine what kind of an impact his own heart change will have on the rest of the families in his congregation!

We are so grateful to all our supporters for helping make these life changes possible. We look forward to sharing with you about the 90+ additional students currently meeting in 12 locations across Zimbabwe. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of Gospel tranformation!

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