Our Program

Our high-quality, certificate level theological program is called Foundations. This year-long program equips students with a solid education rooted in the Gospel, along with the practical skills need to apply what they learn to life and ministry. This program is sometimes referred to as GLOMOS (Global Module Studies) because it is offered in a modular format which allows our students to continue serving their churches throughout the year.

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Foundations Modules

The Life, Ministry, and Uniqueness of Jesus

This module presents the issues Jesus faced, the teachings He gave, and the life He lived. Most of all, it portrays His uniqueness as both human and divine. Through this module, you will have the opportunity to clarify any doubts you might have and to grow stronger in your appreciation of Christ and what He came to accomplish.

Introduction to the New Testament

This course continues the Trinity’s redemptive story that began in the Old Testament and comes to its grand conclusion in the Book of Revelation. The story of the New Testament centers on Jesus, from His birth to His resurrection, as uniquely presented in each of the four gospels. After Jesus’ resurrection, the story continues through The Church, as it unfolds in the book of Acts.

Introduction to the Old Testament

This module offers you a broad overview and survey of the Old Testament, with special emphasis on the Covenants and key individuals. The primary focus is the theme of redemption and God’s plan of salvation. It is, through all its pages, the story of the LORD God, His ongoing and active relationship with people, His plan to redeem them from their desperate spiritual situation, and His promise to restore all things to their original glory.

Biblical Interpretation

Do you want to know how to effectively study and apply Scripture?  This module will introduce you to basic principles and practices of Biblical Interpretation.  You will gain skills to read the Bible devotionally and to study the big picture and details of a book.  You will become familiar with the different types of genre and structure in literature, the elements of narrative, and the importance of context at its many levels.

Preaching So That People Encounter God

The Word of God is our source for all that we preach and teach. This module will train you to prepare and deliver messages in such a way that people encounter God. The focus of this course is to present God’s word with clarity, accuracy, application, and impact. You will discover fresh ways to approach the Bible as you prepare to preach God’s Word to others, and you will gain new skills in methods for creating the  content and organizing the structure of a message.

Solid Doctrine: Telling the Truth in Love

This module is an introduction to core Christian doctrines. God, who is the source of all things and all  truth, revealed Himself to us and told us the truth about ourselves and about Him. You will study the doctrines not only in theory, but also in a practical manner so that you can live the truth and share it with those around you.

Healthy Church

What is the biblical design of the church? Our goal in teaching this important course is to focus on God’s Word as it applies to the great work He is doing in this era of His Church. The course then helps you move to application in your own church context by learning how to maintain the integrity and purposes that God ordained for His people, the Body of Christ.

Biblical Leadership

When God calls us to a leadership position, the prospect is both exciting and humbling. Jesus demonstrated true leadership for us and showed that it is a relationship rather than a position. This module explores the concept of biblical leadership, first by examining Jesus’ life and then the lives of other leaders in Scripture. We will explore the character of a good leader, and the skills that make a leader excellent.

The Church, the Gospel, and Community Transformation

How does the church find the proper balance between evangelism and social responsibility? This course provides a robust theology for engaging in community transformation, which takes seriously the biblical call to engage in both evangelism and social responsibility. The course will also help students explore creative ways to establish a vision for involving their congregations in meeting the needs of their local communities. Theology will be translated into hands-on ministry.

Coming Soon!

To the Ends of the Earth: A World History of Christianity

This course provides an exciting overview of the growth and expansion of Christianity around the world, from first-century Jerusalem to the present. Rather than focusing on the history of Western Christianity, this course will focus on World Christianity – covering the expansive growth of Christianity in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. It will also explore important doctrines and themes that are intensely relevant for the contemporary church.