What We Do

Standing in the Gap

The great Chicago pastor Dwight L. Moody issued a call for “gapmen,” by which he meant people who would pursue a foundation in biblical education and then go out and change their world. Global Action is “standing in the gap” for a new generation of non-Western leaders who lack access to the training they need. We do this by equipping men and women in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe to lead healthy ministries that are transforming their communities.

Standing in the Gap

The Global Action Plan

We equip active ministry leaders with a year of foundational theological education in an accessible modular format.

Our program begins with a high-quality, certificate-level theological course called Foundations, which lasts for one year. We equip our students with a solid education rooted in the Gospel, along with the practical skills needed to apply what they learn to their life and ministry. They learn a biblical model for godly leadership in the church, which is often very counter-cultural. The Foundations course is sometimes called GLOMOS (Global Module Studies), because it is offered in a modular format, which allows our students to continue serving their churches throughout the year. See descriptions of each module here.

We provide ongoing support through mentoring and advanced training opportunities, which are specially designed for the needs of each context.

After our students receive a year of foundational education, we are there to support their continued growth. Our national directors remain in touch with our graduates to provide ongoing encouragement and support. To serve Christian leaders most effectively, we offer advanced courses or seminars which are relevant to the needs of each ministry context. Our staff in each field also provides mentoring and coaching for pastors and leaders who have been through our FOUNDATIONS course. In addition, we provide training so that these leaders will be able to teach this curriculum to others, who in turn can teach it to others.

We empower leaders to transform their communities by supporting their ministry initiatives and connecting them with additional resources and partners.

Global Action is committed to seeing communities transformed by working with leaders, not around leaders. We strive to connect our pastors and ministry leaders in Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe with organizations and people who are interested in partnering with them for a variety of needs. We empower our trained leaders in order to help them transform their communities through healthy churches that are engaged in evangelism, healthcare, community development, micro enterprises, and more.

Where We Work

Global Action works in the hard places: places that are off the beaten path, where pastors and leaders are faithfully serving in the midst of poverty, corruption, persecution, and isolation.

We offer our program in the following languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Nepali, Bengali, Spanish, Ukrainian, Shona, & English. Translations into Ndebele, Russian, and Hungarian are coming soon!


We are currently working in the following countries:

Costa Rica
Bhutan 2