Reaching the Ends of the Earth


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, located approximately 1,000 miles off the coast of India, are the home of many isolated tribal communities and unreached people groups. There is little infrastructure on the islands, and they are considered “backward” by the people of India. There are no Christian seminaries or Bible colleges on the islands, and the poverty and geographic isolation prevent pastors and leaders from getting the training they need.

We have dreamed of reaching these islands with life-changing biblical training for many years, and now that vision is spreading even within India! A large Baptist church in northeast India shares our passion for equipping local ministry leaders with solid biblical training, and they partner with us by providing financial support to some of our Indian staff members and strategic projects for reaching the unreached. And this year, they are fully sponsoring a new Global Action staff member to move to the Andaman Islands to begin training leaders!

Lipok, our new missionary to the Andamans, recently graduated from a renowned seminary in India with a Masters in Theology. His heartbeat is to use what he learned in order to raise up more pastors and leaders, and to strengthen the church on these islands where Hinduism is predominant. The work will be challenging, and the Andamans are not an easy place to live! But Lipok and our India team have a vision to train 250 leaders from the islands over the next 5 years. Not only that, but we will also be launching a multiplication program in which each graduate will equip an additional 10-15 leaders. This means that 3,000-3,500 pastors and leaders from these isolated islands will be receiving life-changing biblical training!

These leaders have the potential to completely transform the Andaman Islands with the Gospel. But we need your help to make all of this possible! Right now through the end of June, your gift will be doubled by a generous donor. Leaders in hard places like the Andaman Islands are asking for our help. Will you join us in doubling our impact today?

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