The Power of a Circle

We each have a circle – a unique sphere of influence given to us for a purpose. I want to tell you about how Igor Grishajev is using his circle, because he inspires me and I think he will inspire you, too. Igor serves as Global Action’s Director of Eastern Europe. As a native Ukrainian who has experienced communism, the conflict with Russia, atheism, nominal religion, and complete life-transformation through the Gospel, Igor personally understands the unique needs facing his people.

A few years ago, the conflict with Russia forced us to close our campground where we had been serving children in need. But Igor saw opportunity rather than defeat. He began working with local pastors who had graduated from our program, and they started holding children’s camps of their own. Now instead of having one campsite, we have dozens of organic ones. In the summer of 2018 alone, these pastors held 19 summer camps and ministered to over 1,300 children. This is the power of local churches and wise leadership!

This is just a small picture of the impact that Igor’s leadership has had on the people of Ukraine. He knows the power of a good leader, and he has continued to prayerfully seek out new opportunities to train more leaders to transform Eastern Europe with the gospel. He knows each leader has a unique, God-given circle of influence, and he is on a mission to equip them for the work God has for them.

That’s how we got connected with Pastor Joseph and the network of Heroes in Hungary. All of these Hungarian leaders are uniquely suited to reach their country with the gospel – they speak the same language, they share a common culture, they already have relationships built with the people in their communities. They are strategically placed by God to impact the people around them. And thanks to your generosity during our campaign, we are now able to move forward with opening a new center in Hungary to train these heroes and others like them. Your giving is impacting circles around the world.

That all might hear,

F. Lionel Young III, PhD
Executive Vice President

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