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Pastor Peter Makiwa is on a mission.

The youngest of 11 children, Peter grew up in rural Zimbabwe where his family had no electricity and had to fetch water from the river. When he moved to the capital city of Harare as a young man, he experienced a radical conversion through a man who shared the gospel with him in a park. Peter knew immediately that he wanted to dedicate his life to sharing this Good News with others. 

He began evangelizing everywhere he went and using the little money he had to buy Bibles to give away. Peter even began sharing the gospel on the radio. His church leaders recognized his gifting and enthusiasm, but also his need to receive formal biblical training. Peter was very hesitant at first, because he didn’t want to waste time by sitting around with books and lectures. He wanted to be actively serving! 

Eventually, his pastor was able to persuade him to attend Harare Bible College to study theology. The education he received has changed everything for him. Rather than hindering him from ministry as he had feared, his training gave him an essential foundation in the word of God so that he could powerfully and accurately preach the gospel. 

Now, Peter wants every leader like him to have access to theological training! He knows that attending Bible college is unattainable for most pastors and leaders in his area, but he is determined that they should have the opportunity to be equipped nonetheless. That is why Peter now teaches in Global Action’s program. 

Every week, Peter rides his bicycle for over 12 miles (each way!) to teach a class of 20 leaders in Epworth, Zimbabwe. Epworth is notorious for crime and drugs. Most people who live there lack electricity and running water, and can only afford to live day-to-day. Because of the abject poverty in Epworth, the “prosperity gospel” spreads like wildfire. By equipping local leaders to understand, teach, and live out the true gospel, Peter is combatting the spread of false teaching and bringing revival to the people of Epworth.

Our vision is to see communities like Epworth all over the world transformed by the gospel of Jesus. That’s why we are laser-focused on equipping pastors and leaders in the hard places of the world. These leaders have the potential to be catalysts of lasting change in their communities—but they need your help.

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In Christ,

Lionel Young
Executive Vice President

P.S. Hear directly from Peter and others in Zimbabwe about the difference that biblical training can make!

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