A Royal Hero

You’ve probably heard about the “Unreached People Groups” (UPGs) Movement in the world of missions today. This is an effort to shift to thinking about the world in terms of its 16,000+ people groups rather than nations.

A “people group” is made up of people who share a common culture, language, identity, & history. “Unreached” means more than just unsaved – it means that there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize their people group without outside assistance. In other words, the vast majority of people in a UPG will live and die without ever hearing the name of Jesus.

At Global Action, we are equipping leaders around the world to go and reach the unreached. One of the many examples I could give is our work in the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutanese leaders are crossing the border to receive our training so they can go back and spread the Gospel in their country, which is classified as 99.6% unreached. We are training leaders like Benjamin, who came to Christ from a dark past of idolatry, drugs, unemployment, and hopelessness. He is now passionate about learning how to effectively share the light of the Gospel with the people of his country. He is a “royal hero” in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Not all heroes live overseas in dangerous places. You can become a hero to Benjamin, Santos, and others like them by making an investment in their training. There are just a few days left in our April-May Heroes Campaign. For those of you who have already given, thank you! We’ll be sending you a formal thank you soon. If you were planning to give during our matching campaign, we encourage you to give by May 31st. We’ll update you on our campaign results in next week’s On the Move. Be a hero today!

For the King,

Dr. Rick Thompson
President, Global Action

Benjamin Rai

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