As we look back on God’s faithfulness over the last 25 years, we wanted to share some video highlights. We think you’ll enjoy seeing how God has been at work all around the world through your support—even in the midst of pandemic, war, and poverty. Thank you for making a difference!


INDIA – Pastor Alok shares his inspiring journey from being a rebellious youth, to becoming a pastor, to equipping ministry leaders through Global Action!


UKRAINE – Ukrainian pastors and leaders who serve in the midst of war are equipped to provide trauma-informed care in crisis.

Global Action president Rick Thompson rejoices over what we were able to accomplish in 2022, and shares our vision for the coming year.

CUBA – Join Yuniel Cruz (Director of the Caribbean) on a trip to Cuba in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan as he and a Global Action team help provide relief and encouragement.

ZIMBABWE – Pastor Philip helps teach Global Action’s classes in Zimbabwe. The character he models in his own life and ministry is just as important to his students as the content he teaches! His compassionate care for special needs children sets an inspiring example for his fellow leaders and for the community as a whole.

UKRAINE – Hear directly from a Global Action pastor serving on the front lines of the war in Ukraine and caring for the urgent needs of the people it has affected.

INDIA – Journey with Global Action’s Lionel Young to a church service in rural India, and see how the gospel is touching lives all over the world!

UKRAINE – A church in Beregovo, Ukraine welcomed 80 refugee children from Eastern Ukraine to a summer camp, in partnership with Global Action. Thank you to all our partners for helping make this camp (and 9 others like it!) happen even in the midst of war!

SOUTH SUDAN – Join Global Action’s Lionel Young for a glimpse inside South Sudan, a country ravaged by civil war and poverty. But thanks to our supporters, Christian leaders there are being equipped to transform their communities with the gospel!

SOUTH SUDAN – Join Lionel Young on the back of a boda-boda on the way to Global Action’s training for pastors and ministry leaders in South Sudan!

UKRAINE – Global Action’s Lionel Young and Tom MacAdam spend time with Ukrainian pastors to learn what is most important to them in this time of war. Their answer might surprise you!

UKRAINE – Ukrainian pastors are resilient! Global Action Executive Vice President, Lionel Young, gives a brief update from inside Ukraine.

UKRAINE – Take a look inside a Ukrainian church that has been transformed into a refugee center, welcoming people who have had to flee from the violence of war.


INDIA – Our supporters made it possible for us to accomplish great things in India in 2021! This compilation video will give you an inside glimpse of the impact.

ZIMBABWE – Over 90% of pastors in Zimbabwe have no access to theological education. Join Buhe Mativenga for a look at how Global Action is bridging the gap in Zimbabwe!

UKRAINE – The pandemic has made life even harder for Ukraine’s many Roma people. But Global Action graduate, Pastor Maxim Dzhum, is on the ground providing ongoing assistance and encouragement to families in need. This is a small picture of why equipping leaders in hard places makes such a big difference!


INDIA – Global Action leaders serve the poor in a Roma (gypsy) community in Chop, Ukraine by providing aid and sharing the Gospel in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

INDIA – “No one from my community or family helped me…but you did.” This was the testimony of one of the HIV+ widows in India who has been blessed by Global Action’s Good Samaritan Projects. This is why we do what we do! When the pandemic hit, Global Action decided to follow the example of the Good Samaritan by pausing our normal activities to help our hurting neighbors. We partnered with the pastors and ministry leaders we’ve trained to serve the people in greatest need.


UKRAINE – A group of Ukrainian pastors and leaders studies the New Testament together and catches a vision for disciple-making.

UKRAINE – Ukrainian pastors and leaders study the life and ministry of Christ, and how he changes everything.


India – Travel with us to just one of our many remote training locations in India. We go to hard places so we can reach the unreached!

UKRAINE – Global Action students apply what they have learned in their ministries and communities.

CUBA – Global Action is in Cuba! The needs on this large island are great, and we are thrilled to serve the Cuban church as they minister in a hard place.

UKRAINE – Ministry leaders gain a strong foundation in the Old Testament that prepares them for effective ministry and accurate teaching


UKRAINE – When Jesus is at the center, everything changes. Get an inside look at one Global Action student’s ministry to Roma children in an impoverished village.

UKRAINE – Pastors and ministry leaders come from many backgrounds to learn and grow together. In addition to gaining knowledge and skills, they gain a strong network of other leaders for encouragement, sharpening, and partnership!