Global Action is pleased to announce that our new Global Scholars Program is up and running! Through this scholarship program, one especially promising student in each of our regions will be granted a full-ride to an excellent Bible college or seminary in their area. Not only will the recipient of this scholarship have the opportunity to go deeper in their biblical formation, but they will also give back by serving on Global Action’s team to help equip other leaders in their region! 

Phil Long Scholarship – Latin America

Ignacio sm

Ignacio Agüero Savilla
School of Pastoral Studies (ESEPA), Costa Rica

Ignacio has successfully completed half of his first year of studies at ESEPA, where he is receiving excellent evaluations on his coursework.

“It is nothing short of amazing for me to see that the Lord has provided me with this opportunity to study at ESEPA Seminary. I’m greatly thankful for those who have supported me through this process, and for each person who has made it possible for Global Action to bless me with this scholarship……I have a great burden in my heart to do my part in the Great Commission. This pushes me everyday to do all that I can to be better equipped and prepared to carry it out.” 

“Studying at ESEPA has impacted me deeply….I have learned that growth in knowledge comes with increased responsibility, and I have learned that my life and service to the Lord are very serious. Seminary has given me many tools for life, Bible study, and preaching.”

Coming Soon:

The Richard and Mary Ann Smith Scholarship – India

The Richard and Mary Ann Smith Scholarship – Guatemala