Catching the Vision

Dear Friends,

“What would happen if we really teach our people how to make disciples?” Adam, a youth leader from Ukraine, is studying the Word of God through our Foundations course. He is asking big questions and evaluating his life and ministry according to Scripture. His entire perspective is changing.

He is catching the vision.

Anton, another church leader from Ukraine, is also asking a big question. He is taking a hard look at his own life and asking: “Am I making every possible effort for this?” His studies on the ministry of Jesus are not merely adding to his head knowledge. They are changing his heart.

He is catching the vision.

Christ gave His followers a radical calling: to go and make disciples. It’s a command we’ve heard so often that it’s easy to skim over it and remain content to simply “live a good Christian life.” But a deep encounter with God’s Word challenges us and shows us that we were meant for more. God’s Word changes everything.

Through our biblical training, hundreds of leaders like Adam and Anton are being transformed by the Word of God. They are dreaming big, imagining what would happen if they really began to follow Christ’s example to multiply disciple-makers. But it doesn’t end with a dream – they are being equipped with the tools they need to make it a reality.

I want you to take a moment right now to dream big with Adam and Anton. What will the world look like when each of the hundreds of leaders currently enrolled in our program goes out and raises up disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples?

The world will never be the same.

Thank you for dreaming big with us!

Rick Thompson

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