The Land of 10,000 Lakes

  I’m in Minnesota this week spending time with supporters from the Great Lakes Region. I’m looking forward to playing in our 15th Annual Global Action Golf Classic at Pebble Creek Golf Course this weekend!  It’s not too late to sign up if you want...

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Bethel Church in Costa Rica

God is glorified when His people work together for our common mission in Christ. This week, we are praising God for our partner in Northwest Indiana, Bethel Church. Bethel sent a youth team of 30 last week to encourage and labor alongside Pastor Roy Soto...

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Save the Dates!

We have some exciting dates coming up you may want to know about. For those of you in the Great Lakes Region, you may want to consider joining us for our annual summer golf event at the beautiful Pebble Creek Golf Course in Becker, Minnesota on...

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The Gospel in Costa Rica

When you think of Costa Rica you probably think of tropical rain forests, spectacular waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and incredible volcanoes. However, once you step foot off the “guided tour” and get to know the local people, you realize that Costa Rica is like many other developing...

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World Christianity

I’m writing from the University of Cambridge, where I am currently working on a book that I hope will inspire others to join us in mission. I work part of the time at a research center called the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, which conducts...

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Beliefs Matter

Latin America is a vast and beautiful continent, home to many vibrant cultures and incredible people. And the church there has grown at an astounding rate over the last 100 years! But the number of biblically trained pastors has not kept pace with this amazing...

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It’s not easy to be a Christian in Cuba. Castro and his communist government worked hard to stamp out religion, and the suffering has been great. But God’s church was not stopped. And He is using leaders like Yuniel Cruz to strengthen the church on...

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Africa Rising

  Global Action now has a staff member in Africa! Her name is Buhe Pilime, pictured below, and she is working hard behind the scenes to get things ready for us to expand to the vast continent she calls home. Buhe was born in Zimbabwe...

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Ready for Rajasthan

Have you heard of Rajasthan? It’s a mountainous region in northern India along the Pakistan border. Rajasthan is home to almost 77 million people, only 0.01% of whom are Christians. That means there is only ONE believer for every TEN THOUSAND people in Rajasthan. It...

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The Power of a Circle

We each have a circle – a unique sphere of influence given to us for a purpose. I want to tell you about how Igor Grishajev is using his circle, because he inspires me and I think he will inspire you, too. Igor serves as...

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The Power of a Circle
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