Christianity: A Global Religion

Did you know that today in 2020, 67% of all Christians are non-Western? Now more than ever, Christianity is a global religion.

Not only is Christianity a global religion, but 47% of the world’s missionaries are now sent out from the non-Western world. I have been involved in ministry for many years and it is so very encouraging to witness pastors and leaders being trained in their home countries to minister to their friends and family.

How amazing is it to see those leaders we are raising up worldwide making a difference, even without the common luxuries the Western World may have. Even without adequate access to the internet, proper healthcare, or education, the Gospel is advancing.

In fact, did you know that 85-90% of the world’s pastors and ministry leaders have received no formal theological education, and only 19% of Christians live in fully developed countries? These facts help explain why the non-Western church’s biggest asks are for leadership development and financial support for capacity building. That is where you can help!

Global Action plays a major role in developing leaders, who are fully trained and equipped worldwide. Providing an outlet for theological education is a lifelong, sustainable way to do ministry. Equipping others to equip others. Those of you who are helping Global Action equip leaders worldwide, thank you!

If you haven’t partnered with us yet, I invite you to be a part of changing these statistics and advancing the Gospel. Your impact will be immeasurable.

In Christ,

Lionel Young
Executive Vice President



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