Embarking on a Lifetime of Impact


Lupi Polío is a young woman from El Salvador who came to Christ after an earthquake shook her country—and her complacency. She came face to face with her own mortality and realized her need for a Savior.

Some years later she decided to move to Guatemala to study the Bible at a Calvary Chapel. She was hungry to learn, and after completing her time there she still felt she had further to go. She enrolled in Global Action’s training program with a desire to learn more and serve at the same time. Lupi just graduated from the program a few weeks ago, and she shared the following:

Foundations has impacted my life in significant ways. To be able to learn how the entire Bible points to Jesus, and biblical ways to lead others to Christ, has changed everything! Now its time to put into practice everything that we have learned!”

And she is definitely putting it into practice! This one young leader is doing all of the following:

  • She is pouring into a young girl at an orphanage who struggles with learning disabilities.
  • She is praying and sharing the love of God with the Guatemalan police, who are often despised and avoided by society.
  • She is serving impoverished children through tutoring and leading a Bible study in a nearby town.
  • She is helping the Global Action – Guatemala team with translation and administration, so that more ministry leaders like her can receive the training they need. 
  • She is serving with a local ministry that cares for the family members of patients in the hospital. These family members often travel long distances to bring their loved ones to the city, and since many are too poor to afford a hotel they sleep on the street in front of the hospital. Lupi and her team go find them and provide lodging, hot food, and coffee—and the Good News of Jesus. Seven people have already come to Christ through this new ministry!

This is just the start of the impact that Lupi will have over her lifetime. Can you imagine the impact that thousands of trained ministry leaders like Lupi could have on our broken world?

This Christmas, give the gift of education and help leaders embark on a lifetime of impact. Together, we can mobilize 2,022 leaders to transform their communities with the gospel in 2022.

Will you join us? 

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