Equipping Evangelists


“I have been praying for this kind of course.”

Bijender is an evangelist in West Bengal, India. Most of the people in his area work as day laborers in tea gardensand they come from very different faith backgrounds. Bijender’s heart is to reach them with the Good News.

He received his calling to full-time ministry in 2007 and has been dedicated to serving ever since. He is hungry to learn, so anytime there was a seminar available in his area he would take it. But he knew he was only getting bits and pieces of what he really needed, and he longed for something more. 

When Global Action came to his area, he was thrilled! At his first class, Bijender explained to Director Amit Mondal why he was so excited:

I always felt something was lacking, which is deeper knowledge and understanding of the whole Word. As an evangelist, I need to be well trained and equipped myself so that I can be more confident in the truth to share the Word with others. Many times, I struggle to teach and preach. It is very difficult for me to get the right words and concepts.”

Bijender soaked up the courses, and at his graduation he was bursting with excitement and gratitude: 

Foundations was the answer to my long-term prayers. The program not only taught me the Gospel in detail but also boosted my ability to preach. I have learned so much. Even though I have been in full time ministry for many years, I never understood the proper biblical foundation, church history, the context of passages and promises in the Bible, or why and when it was written.”

“[I learned that] serving inside the church is not our only mission, but it is also to make a difference in the society, to bring healing to the broken community.”

“This course has truly equipped me…I feel so much more confident in sharing the Word. I see myself growing spiritually, and I am bringing more non-believers to Christ. I have more passion and respect for the people I serve. I am very grateful to God for the
Foundations program.”

Praise God! Bijender’s life and ministry have been changed forever, and he has now been mobilized as a catalyst of gospel transformation in his community. This is only possible through the generosity of our supporters! When you give, make it possible for leaders like Bijender to receive the training they’ve been longing for.  

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