Feeding Fishermen

While the pandemic has continued to make life difficult in India, our team is busier than ever finding creative ways to equip leaders and serve hurting communities. Lately, this has involved feeding fishermen—both literally and figuratively.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to continue providing emergency aid to families who have been devastated by the impacts of the pandemic. Most recently, we were able to supply 88 day laborers, primarily fishermen, with life-giving food packages for their families. These fishermen and laborers lost the ability to work due to lockdown restrictions and market closures, and their families have been going hungry as a result.

One grateful fisherman shared:

“I have heard that Christians are kind people, and today I witnessed it. Your God is good. Thank you so much for caring for my family.”

What makes these food packages so meaningful is that they are given by local pastors and ministry leaders, who are able to continue caring for the families in the long-term. Global Action student, Pastor Ravi, is pouring into a fisherman named Gopal and his family. Gopal couldn’t believe that a pastor would come to his home with food right in his time of need. Overwhelmed by Pastor Ravi’s kindness, Gopal opened his home to the Gospel. He said:

“I don’t understand why you are giving this to us even though you know that we are not Christians! But we want to thank your God, and we are also very thankful for your kindness.”

Without well-equipped local pastors and ministry leaders like Ravi, these families would still be going hungry. That’s why we focus on “feeding” fishers of men with the Word of God. By helping local leaders gain a strong foundation in understanding, teaching, and living out the Gospel, we are able to touch countless lives through a powerful ripple effect.

Thank you to all our supporters for helping us feed fishermen and fishers of men!

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